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  1. marshall hudson

    Single & Ready to Mingle

    Love the look and stance on this one. Fat and skinnys give it that, Don't mess with me attitude. I'm so using that finned alum somewhere on a future weekend cruiser . Congrats.
  2. marshall hudson

    TRM Speedline BRAT

    Patina and all that style in about a month. Amazing.
  3. marshall hudson


    Just wow. I can't say i would have gotten this far with this build. Congrats for bringing this beauty back.
  4. marshall hudson

    La Fugazi

    Clean and smooth. Well done sir.
  5. marshall hudson

    Hot Rod Hawthorne

    Love the custom made parts on this one. Everything tied together well.
  6. marshall hudson


    Congrats on getting over the finish line. Got a great hot rod vibe going on.
  7. marshall hudson

    Silver King Unchained: BELT DRIVE

    Perfect match of old awesomeness and new bling. Excellent job sir.
  8. marshall hudson

    4D LaSalle

    Clean smooth hot rod vibe.
  9. marshall hudson

    Road Rash

    Went from here. Fought me me all the way
  10. marshall hudson

    Road Rash

    Thanks Kingfish. A few ideas didn't make the cut due to lack of time or knowledge. Now its time to let it roll and enjoy.
  11. marshall hudson


    Now that's a rat. Good job sir.
  12. marshall hudson


    Awesome color and detail work.
  13. marshall hudson

    A CCCM

    I really dig that two tone color scheme. Makes it pop.
  14. marshall hudson


    Awesome bars and super clean
  15. marshall hudson

    Spacey Liner

    Those tanks look like they should have always been there. Two tone paint and graphics are on spot. Top notch build Brian.
  16. marshall hudson


    Excellent job. The tank alone is a work of art. Congrats.
  17. marshall hudson

    Road Rash

    Thanks Taylor. At the end of the day I built it to ride.
  18. marshall hudson

    Road Rash

    This one started life out as a 1946 CWC built Roadmaster. I stripped it down to bare and then found an original color correct tank. I decided then to leave the original color on the fenders. Front forks were swapped with a set of monark springer forks. The fender wasn't notched for the double...
  19. marshall hudson

    Silver King Unchained: BELT DRIVE

    I've always wanted one of those SKs. I just haven't found one good enough to justify the price yet. You knocked this one out of the park.
  20. marshall hudson

    My Hoodlum Friend

    Nice clean Rat Rod build.