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  1. knobbie

    1927 French fat bike

    Maybe a little more air in that back tire.
  2. knobbie

    WTB: 26 x 2.125 patina wheelset

    I have a couple late 50s early 60s Schwinn 26" S7 wheel sets. Ready to mount and ride. One is regular coaster brake, the other is a 2 speed kick back set. I can sen pics if your interested.
  3. knobbie

    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see!!!!

    I have a patch kit... in case I get a flat. Also a ton of spare parts!
  4. knobbie

    Red Bikes

    My new (old) Schwinn. Its Red!
  5. knobbie

    I think Ive been here before...

    But its been a while. Since the advent of covo 19, Ive been getting more into vintage bikes again. Always loved the Schwinn Stingrays, But have been loving the older 26" Schwinns lately. My latest find is a 1954 26" Schwinn. Not sure which model. Also my 61 Jaguar is a cool cruiser.
  6. knobbie

    61 Schwinn Jaguar find

    Thanks, I have $360. invested in this bike so far. Would it be worth it to have the fenders done or would it be putting too much into the bike?
  7. knobbie

    Huffy Dial-a-Ride

    Wow! What a cool bike! Very nice job.:113:
  8. knobbie

    61 Schwinn Jaguar find

    I have the original stainless fenders and the tear drop rear reflector. I may put them on at a later time, but for now just going fenderless. The front rack and the headlight are MIA. Gary, Where would I go to get the fenders rolled?
  9. knobbie

    61 Schwinn Jaguar find

    I found this at a local flea market. I was so excited to get this apart and cleaned up, I didn't take any before pics. Shame on me for that. But here is what the old boy looks like now. I left the fenders off. They have some dents. The rear rack was so badly rusted, I decided to paint it black...
  10. knobbie

    Budget Rat Rod

    The slick is cool. I did find another seat for it at the flea mkt. Only 7 bucks. Its way better than the other one.
  11. knobbie

    Garage sale time killer- '50 Murray Rat

    Re: Garage sale time killer Nice! I say never sell the good stuff.
  12. knobbie

    Budget Rat Rod

    Thanks you guys! Yes, I think a cooler seat would be in order. I'm always on the lookout for bike parts. I'll see if I can dig something up. What type tire would be cool for the back?
  13. knobbie

    1962 Schwinn American Build

    Thats true about the Schwinn chrome. I have had some utterly rusty shwinn chrome parts (bars, rims ect.) that came out way better than expected after cleaning. nice bike!
  14. knobbie

    My new bike. Just finished today

  15. knobbie

    My Freshly Completed 67' Schwinn

    I tink it looks somewhat ratty. Nice bike!
  16. knobbie

    Budget Rat Rod

    Hello folks! first post here. I stumbled upon this site yesterday while searching for bike info. What a cool place! :mrgreen: So here is my budget rat rod. I have a whopping $30. invested so far. Looking for some help. What do I need to make this bike more rat friendly?