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    can't afford moon discs Soooo.....

    when i was in hi-school, worked at pizza place put deep dish flat black pans on my friends rad-ilac. good idea keep it up
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    re:3 hours too late---i believe the rules state 12 midnight,where i live it was 12 am (california)
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    I've always wanted to build a strech cruiser, so what better time then a anything goes build. My bike started life as a gravity boot hanger, the things that people invert themselves upside down on, like a bat. (neighbors were throwing it out) Here is a couple steps into my build. I was going...
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    Hi from OC California

    Hi, my name is Greg and I am 42 years old. I have one 15 year old daughter. I work in construction and like to build bikes in my spare time. Hope to hear from you fellow rat-rodders. Cheers.