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  1. texasbigjon

    Weird Wald handle bars!

    that would have been me Kingfish!
  2. texasbigjon

    It's done!!!, what do ya think

    Wow, that's a looker! Ruff's are a lot of fun to build. I see we both have the same "kickstand".
  3. texasbigjon

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    three maybe four shades of green! :D
  4. texasbigjon

    Low Crusier...inspired by Key Town Cruisers

    good looking bike! love the keytown cruiser videos on youtube......except for the music.
  5. texasbigjon

    Oh Henry!!! J that is...

    Great gasser material there! Sears re-badged and sold them under the Allstate name.
  6. texasbigjon

    ##Elgin Style Drop stand##

    Is the drop stand for 26" or 28" bicycles?
  7. texasbigjon

    Barn Fresh 1936 Monark Silver King

    Now that's a sweet score!
  8. texasbigjon

    What do you use for grips?

    Pretty sure he means install. An old trick we used on our Harley's back in the late '80's. Now where did I leave my walker?
  9. texasbigjon

    Ross Super Deluxe 3 speed Cruiser SOLD

    good looking bike!
  10. texasbigjon

    Bike Magazine?

    January issue is now up online! check it out if your into kustoms....then come straight back home to RRB!:praise:
  11. texasbigjon

    Thank You Santa!

    sounds like fun Miguel, only downside is I work on Saturdays when ya`ll usually ride. Sundays are wide open though!:thumbsup:
  12. texasbigjon

    Trojan - CWC made - parting

    convo started on saddle!
  13. texasbigjon

    Bike Magazine?

    Been over on that one a lot lately for my kustom bike fix!
  14. texasbigjon

    Thank You Santa!

    And I thank you Joe for hooking me up with a sweet frame!
  15. texasbigjon

    Thank You Santa!

    its amazing how Santa can always know what you want for xmas! almost like he lives inside your head or something. I woke up this morning and there was this neato bike in my living room. it was just how I imagined it...not flashy,but a nicely restrained custom cruiser with gears. took it for a...
  16. texasbigjon

    Starting my build

    those frames just scream bobber! great looking start.:cool2:
  17. texasbigjon

    texasbigjon`s bike-o-rama gallery (update #4-`41 Hawthorne)12/7

    next up is my BO9 bike that is based on a `41 Hawthorne American mated to a gen2 monark repop springer. I love the lines on this frame as it has a motorbike style straight downtube that kicks in before the bottom bracket. very roomy and comfortable! vintage drivetrain running back to a nexus7...
  18. texasbigjon

    texasbigjon`s bike-o-rama gallery (update #4-`41 Hawthorne)12/7

    today we have my WBO bike 1953 Shelby. its mostly Shelby with a Monark rear fender and a Dayton front w/Roadmaster fender braces. it has a nexus 3spd laced into original paint wheels wrapped in Hank slicks. some pretty nifty striping work also!
  19. texasbigjon

    texasbigjon`s bike-o-rama gallery (update #4-`41 Hawthorne)12/7

    It's a standard guard. Not a 3 or 5 star model. Frame is badged as a Westfield so that's the guard that came on it.
  20. texasbigjon

    texasbigjon`s bike-o-rama gallery (update #4-`41 Hawthorne)12/7

    today we have a pieced together Columbia tanker. the frame,chainguard and tank were purchased from forum members and the rest of the tins were sourced from ebay over a period of time. repop fender and rack lights and the rest from my personal junk.turned out to be one of my favorite...