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    Rare vs hard to find vs valuable

    In some areas of collecting, "rare" automatically equates to "valuable". For example, if you're collecting Jefferson nickels, the common way to do so is to try to collect one of each year and mint mark. In that case, the 1950D is the rarest, and that makes it more valuable. Well, people...
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    3 wheeled bicycle, downfalls?

    Ideally, the two wheels would have to turn at different angles when steering. If they are just maintained parallel to each other, they won't all be rotating about a point. As to how much difference this makes, who knows. A tandem truck has the same issue with the rear wheels and seems to work...
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    Attaching a sail on a bike? (THINK TANK)

    The Rans company builds airplanes and recumbent bicycles. Per the website, , they were "Established in 1973 on the plains of western Kansas to build Sailtrikes"- which were tricycle sailbikes. There's a picture of one on that link.
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    Oamaru Cycle Works old bikes in New Zealand

    Re: Omaru Cycle Works old bikes in New Zealand (pneumatic 36" tired cycles) (regular old style solid-rubber-tired cycles)
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    Replica High Wheelers, valuable or just fun?

    Does it have a pneumatic tire? Replica high-wheel bicycles are currently available, and go for $1200 or so new. I may be mistaken, but I think all of them had a fixed hub, not a coaster hub. Both the originals and all of the replicas have solid rubber tires. Coker introduced a smaller...
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    Dynamo front hubs, anybody ever use one?

    I put a generator hub and headlight on my bike for randonneuring. Disadvantage: Cost. I've got a $700 light on a $900 bike. That's a Sun Delux 20 or something like that, with an Edelux light. Advantage: You can ride all night, see the road, and not run out of batteries. Drag is so little, I...
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    Wish it was mine...~~ Vintage Pedal Cab ~~

    Every once in a while, I've seen some sort of old pedicab pop up on Craigslist. Sometimes that style, sometimes, the rider-in-back style. Some things to consider. They're usually single-speed, so you're pretty well limited to flat land. They're made in China or some other faraway place...
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    Another 36" cruiser

    I understand Coker actually came up with that tire size for the Wheelman bike, which was a penny-farthing style, then also made the unicycle and their Monster Cruiser. I say "made" because they sold them, but I think they just had the bikes made overseas. A couple of years ago, I saw some...
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    Cool Vid of a Stayer and his Pacer on the Boardtrack

    The old "can't go fast enough to get IN the draft!" problem...I've had that problem, too.
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    Do You "Road Bike"?

    My current bike is a Raleigh Sojourn, other stuff has pretty much taken a back seat to it. I've taken up randonneuring in the last couple of years, and just recently got my Super Randonneur award and just this last week, finished a 1200k, the Texas Rando Stampede. So yes, I do a bit of road...
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    solid rubber tires?

    To put things in perspective here, I bought a new Raleigh Sojourn a while back. It came with Vittoria Randonneur Cross tires in 35x700 size. I now have 12,900 miles on that bike, am on my 3rd rear tire and 2nd front tire, and have zero flats in that time. So if you're trying to eliminate...
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    I live a bit over a mile from the bike shop. It's where I bought my Raleigh Sojourn. I started riding with their Saturday non-drop ride several years ago. (I haven't been on it much lately due to doing lots of randonneuring stuff on weekends!) A good shop, service dept has been booked up the...
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    sort of like a cycle truck

    I saw these a while back on another site. There was much discussion about whether some of them were photoshopped or intentionally piled up for the photo.
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    This looks like a hoot

    Do you mean the criterium races or the bigwheel races in between?
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    Two Brooks questions not found through searching!

    My Raleigh Sojourn came with the aged Brooks. Works fine, but I don't have any experience with regular Brooks to compare it to. On theft..just don't leave it unattended for long.
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    Computer stupid cant post pics

    You may need to resize the pictures using your camera software, you don't necessarily need a 5 megabyte picture file. Try posting some on this thread and let us see what is happening.
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    Do You lock your bike ?

    On my good bike, I generally don't leave it untended, or if I'm on a randonneuring ride and other riders aren't along, I'll have a cable lock so at least people can't just hop on it and take off. When I go to the store with my Worksman or something, I'll take a U-lock. Yes, it can be cut...
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    any one out there have a ratted out recumbent bicycle?

    Would this count? (Not mine, I've just seen pictures before.) ... -recumbent The main problem is that recumbents aren't cheap to begin with, so you hate to go messing one up if it's in any shape at all.
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    Worksman 20" front drum brake wheel...

    The rim itself doesn't look like Worksman rim. I'm assuming a 20" rim would be similar to a 26" rim.
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    Gear Drive Bike

    One thing to note is that if you can't find gears just exactly the right size, you could raise that center gear a bit to adjust the spacing. That could be a real finger-removal operation, too. I remember Sheldon Brown commenting how one of the hazards of fixed-gear bikes was that they were...