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  1. brett4christ

    The Perfect Blend

    THAT'S how you do it, ladies and germs!!! Pick up the pieces and drop the mic!!!!
  2. brett4christ

    show your Spaceliners!!

    My Spaceliner addiction got “fixed” last weekend... So, now I have 5...3 men’s and 2 ladies! And 2 men’s Flightliners... Yep, I’ve got a problem..... ...and that’s just the Murrays!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. brett4christ

    Parts pile build

    I love to scrap-build bikes!!! It’s like free beer! [emoji481] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. brett4christ

    Making More Riders!!

    Last one, not quite finished, but... This little 16-incher is destined for grandkid duty... Pulled the hard tires and installed a set of pneumatic tires... Still have to clean it up, install a chain and find some training wheels. Ought to be a cool one for the kiddos!! Sent from my...
  5. brett4christ

    Making More Riders!!

    Next up was a cool straight-bar “Columbia-Built” Westfield. Picked this one up in a lot of 4 bikes. Pulled a wheel set from another bike, straightened the fork, tightened up the loose stuff and, SHAZAM!!!... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. brett4christ

    Making More Riders!!

    Cleaning up the little shop (affectionately referred to “Somewhere Else” around here) the last few weeks and started taking inventory of frames and parts needed to assemble riders. First up was this old ‘50’s Huffy step-through frame that I’ve been trying to sell for years... I had a spare...
  7. brett4christ

    Any thoughts on this ol’ girl?

    The pseudo-final version of what I’m naming “Ruffie”... I thought I remembered that I had the front fender...went looking and I found it! My first rat build that included fenders at all!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. brett4christ

    Recycled Parts / Thunderbolt Grease Slapper

    Every one of my builds use repurposed components! I’m cheap that way! I couldn’t afford 30 bikes if everything was new!!! [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. brett4christ

    Any thoughts on this ol’ girl?

    With a little tinkering, I came up with this.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. brett4christ

    Any thoughts on this ol’ girl?

    I’ve had this ladies bike for several years and can’t seem to give it away, so I’m going to tinker with it and build a swap meet rat bike. Not that it really matters, but...does anyone have an idea of what I have here? First thought was Schwinn, but the chainwheel doesn’t look right...
  11. brett4christ

    5 day challenge

    Nice work!
  12. brett4christ

    3 back-to-back Swaps/shows coming up in the S.E. in FEB & MARCH 2019

    I'll have a bunch of project fodder (bikes/frames/parts) at the Hurricane Coasters Show/Swap....AND I'll have my paint and brushes if anyone wants some accent stripes on their ride!
  13. brett4christ

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Just a quick “Merry Christmas” to all my two-wheeled brothers and sisters!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. brett4christ

    Additions to the Stable...Temporarily!

  15. brett4christ

    Additions to the Stable...Temporarily!

    Thanks all! I'm thinking I'll remove the fork and put it in my press. It needs to come apart to replace the bearings anyway, so....
  16. brett4christ

    Additions to the Stable...Temporarily!

    A friend contacted me about several bikes he has found at a yard/estate sale a while back. He sent pics and he helped me get the deal done. Fast forward to this weekend, I now have them in my possession. Columbia-built Westfield Custom Deluxe - thinking its around 1953... Anyone have a tank...
  17. brett4christ

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    '59 Schwinn Wasp Custom
  18. brett4christ

    '59 Schwinn Wasp Project

    Final touches were completed on Friday night ahead of a Saturday morning departure. FLASHBACK: Back in February at the bike swap, a gentleman had noticed me admiring a little trinket he had for sale. At the end of the show, he approached me and handed me the item..."Here, have it!"...
  19. brett4christ

    '59 Schwinn Wasp Project

    Next order was clear! I used U-Pol clear from my local NAPA. Sprayed really well, but don't paint during high gets milky! Ask me how I know.... Once cured, the project was fast-tracked to get it done by this past weekend. Initial assembly started...
  20. brett4christ

    '59 Schwinn Wasp Project

    Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.... My plan for the build included a thorough cleaning, then application of some Fink Green pinstripes (of course, you know me!!) around freshly repainted Schwinn graphics. First order...paint the white! ...then PINSTRIPES! I used House Of...