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  1. trktwo

    firestone find, help on year/model

    haha, wow, thanks for all the relplys. you know, i've been looking at this thing, reading the replies, and finally last night, it hit me. those are MONARK FORKS!!! when i first got into these older bikes (i'm mainly a bmx guy), i knew i wanted some monark forks on one of my builds. then this...
  2. trktwo

    firestone find, help on year/model

    thanks y'all. it may end up in the f/s forum at some point. i have so many projects right now. its going in the shed with my other projects. if i get time, maybe i'll grease up everything, make sure my tetnus shot is up to date, and take it for a spinn lol,
  3. trktwo

    firestone find, help on year/model

    i agree, i found a few online with similar fork. 40-50s maybe?
  4. trktwo

    firestone find, help on year/model

    recent find, old firestone 26". looks complete. what a mess though. any help on year-model appreciated.
  5. trktwo

    gt bike

    i bought one of these local for $60 last year. mine had mags though. guy started it at $300 on craigslist, sat for a month lol.
  6. trktwo

    1941 Colson

    one of my favorite builds
  7. trktwo

    20" boys bf goodrich rat

    latest pics of this thing. still need a tall sissybar, and need to mount the kickstand my baby rides this to school, and she is so proud of it!!!!!
  8. trktwo

    monark silver king Americana with new improved BMX flavor

    heres my new rider, thanks spinman! awesome member! i pretty much have a bmx background, but too old to do many tricks, just ride! my 20" bikes are feeling small, i have been experimenting with some other frames, but i think this is the right combination for me. i will prob'ly change the fork...
  9. trktwo

    Red Rocket Bomber (almost done 11*18*08)

    so awesome! very talented builder! 8) 8) 8)
  10. trktwo


    oh wow!
  11. trktwo

    new member

    thanks guys, very cool site. allready feel at home in the f/s section. i spent a lot of time on the bmxmuseum the past few years. i guess i'm getting older, i want a more comfortable/personal ride now. i was 12 in 1980, rode a bunch of old mongoose/redline/ schwinn bikes. no organized racing in...
  12. trktwo

    Post Your Monark & Firestone Super Deluxe/Cruisers

    8) very cool bikes, i'll be posting mine soon :D
  13. trktwo

    Hawthorne Motorbike #2 - El Torreon Find

    thats awesome! isn't silvertown where joe dirt lives?
  14. trktwo

    20" boys bf goodrich rat

    i was told this was a late 40s schwinn built BF GOODRICH, all i know, is its a cool old frame lol. this is how i got it, no forks or nothing. after stripping after powder, its candy blue. i added some redline forks i had laying around. plans for this one include red skyway tuffs with...
  15. trktwo

    ladies rollfast

    built this for a very close friend. a really cool chick, who helps me search craigslist, flea markets, and yardsales looking for scores. a ladies rollfast, supposedly post war, but idk. this is the first draft on it, but planning for fenders, maybe a fork truss... after blasting first...
  16. trktwo

    Huffy Slingshot

    any new pics of this one?
  17. trktwo

    Very rusty bike

    very cool, i just picked a chrome one
  18. trktwo

    schwinn and ? chrome 26", 20" bf goodrich

    hi, 2nd post here. i wanted to share some recent finds, and hopefully get an id on the chrome bike. cool twin-tt design with no markings. sn on drop out reads 4 w241205 with a J stamped nearby. on bb is stamped 2610 old schwinn :) bf goodrich/schwinn 20" really interested in...
  19. trktwo

    1981 Laguna BMX Super Cruiser

    that chrome laguna is awesome!
  20. trktwo

    new member

    hi y'll. new member, from south mississippi. slim pickings down here, but i found a few jewels. my latest pick up is a "50s bf goodrich, 20" boys bike. was wondering if there is any info on this site. i plan to make a bmx style ratrod outta this for my 8 y/o. hi!!!!!