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    Lady Luck

    Bike looks great! Good luck with the move.
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    Vintage bicycle commercials

    The best thing about the wheelie bar commercial is the lack of helmets. That would never air these days.
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    Hiawatha ....finished

    Absolutely beautiful!! Nice job.
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    77 Schwinn Metro Cycle

    I picked this one up at a local thrift store. Some light surface rust and the tires are shot, but it all seems to be original according to the 77 catalog. Not sure whether I'll clean it up and ride it or use the parts elsewhere. It weighs a ton but I love the rear rack/baskets, SA 3spd...
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    Orange Klunk

    Got it finished up yesterday. Overall, a very simple build. The bike rides great. Trying to gain some votes by plugging the website. :lol: Seemed only right to use a hose clamp for a cable stop. Shimano 3-speed coaster brake I laced to an Araya 1.50 rim. Metal effect paint came...
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    Show Your Muscle Bikes

    Re: Muscle Bikes '74 Stingray Fastback. All original. Thought about selling it, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
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    Powerlite beach cruiser

    Man, that is cool!
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    The one that got away.

    I think I saw that one on ebay this summer.
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    The Orange Klunk

    Re: The Orange Klunk (paint pics) Started the paint job last weekend. Primer Dupli-Color Hemi Orange Engine Enamel The color seemed kind of bland. So, I layed down a little of this glitter effect before 3 coats of clear this weekend. What a difference! New pics soon.
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    Man, that is cool!!!!
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    The Orange Klunk

    Re: The Orange Klunk (new pics 10/23) I found some cool bars from Felt at a local shop. They were more than I wanted to spend, but I sold a couple of bikes on cl over the weekend so I could justify the purchase. They are a little too long, so I'm gonna cut about an inch and a half off each...
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    Braunschweiger is an underrated meat product!

    Love it, but haven't had it in years. Gotta get me some. I used to take a lot of crap for packing it in my lunch when I was a kid. :(
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    new guy, intro inside

    Nice, clean build. I like the bmx look. Great job! BTW, you might want to post a quick intro in the intro thread as well. Welcome aboard!
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    Home made repair stand

    Check out this link: ... pair-Stand I thought about trying to build one of these. But, I'm not the most handy guy in the world. I Finally broke down and bought one at Performance Cycle on sale for just under $90. It is a Spin Doctor Team model. I'm...
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    The Orange Klunk

    Freewheel gone, 3speed in! I got started last night and could not quit until I got it all laced. Spent the better part of an hour tonight trying to true the wheel. It's still got a pretty good wobble, but I'm pretty proud of the job I did considering it was my first time. Now i need to find...
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    The Orange Klunk

    3 speed it is. I guess I'll be relacing my first wheel. Does anyone know anything about the Shimano 3 speed hubs? Can I use a Sturmey shifter/cable? Any help would be appreciated.
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    The Orange Klunk

    After completely missing the last buildoff, I think I'll give this one a try. Been considering a klunker-style build for a while. The frame will be Hemi Orange with Black forks. I'm starting with the Phat frame I picked up a few weeks ago. Wheels are a set of Araya with high flange hubs I've...
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    Schwinn and Mongoose love child

    I love it! Clean and simple. Cool bike.
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    New school BMX - Flipped!!

    I posted this in fresh finds last week. Got it all cleaned up, recovered the seat, replaced the grips, painted the bars and flipped it today for a small profit. The little kid that got was real excited. :D
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    Unknown LBS Find

    Thanks Locojoe. I think it is a customized Phat. That is if customizing a bike means jamming a stem that's too big into a steer tube just so you can put a springer on it! :shock: The frame does look very similar to their Phundamental model.