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  1. badbitty

    Texas- College Station Bryan

    Check out Texas custom rides on Facebook. Big show in Austin end of month
  2. badbitty

    South Texas Bicycle Show

    wild dawgs are having their first annual bike show may 25th at 2411 broadway at broadway sports bar in San Antonio, Texas. there will be food, music, and plenty of bikes. free swap meet, free to show off bikes of all kinds. there will be a bmx show, ape hanger drag racing, kids ride, plenty of...
  3. badbitty

    Show me your Military theme bikes

    sweet i was looking for a thread like this.
  4. badbitty

    military style bikes!

  5. badbitty

    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

    here some apes for ya
  6. badbitty


    heres my hoomptie
  7. badbitty


    hot dam ditty dawg looks good. is that jeffery commenting on your post too?
  8. badbitty

    military bobber

    Re: badbitty gonna remove the canteen and put a tank made of purple heart wood. this going to be my next step. i also have an ammo box that goes on it but hells bells that thing is noisy. so i put it on only for looks at a show or contest.
  9. badbitty

    military bobber

    Re: badbitty that chain is from wal mart. bell i think. i wanted a gold looking one and 6.99$ well you cant beat that. as for the grips i went crazy and got 2 mac 10 barrel extensions from the gun show, not cheap but it was i was looking for. i would like some type of military looking headlamp...
  10. badbitty


    sweet jack the ripper photo!
  11. badbitty

    military bobber

    Re: badbitty bad bitty is not a fixie, at time of the first photo it was a single speed. ive recently install a 2 speed sturmey kick back and that was the best thing ive could have done cuz the bike hauls ... now.
  12. badbitty

    military bobber