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  1. Dizzle Problems

    1998 Trek Cool Breeze cruiser 4 speed

    This post is a few years old. Not sure what ya mean by tube. I do still have the rear wheel and shifter I’d sell tho. The bike is long gone
  2. Dizzle Problems

    Nexus 3, 5 or 7 coaster brake hub / shifter

    I’ve got a few 3’s and a 4. I think a 7 too. I can try to get pics tomorrow
  3. Dizzle Problems

    Got myself a history lesson about the LBS

    So cool! Love learning history of shops and bike stuff like that. Rad
  4. Dizzle Problems


    @MattiThundrrr man I wish I had one of those Grafton ones! I did consider a knock off Ringle - I decided to stick with the original yokes though. Was able to wrap the build up this afternoon— Didn’t get a great pic of the saddle, but it has blue stitching to match the brakes. Front...
  5. Dizzle Problems


    Was able to swap the stem to the one I prefer, get the chainring and chain on, brakes on, levers, shifter, and run the derailleur cable/ housing this afternoon. After this pic I put the grips on too. Next will be swapping the saddle, cables/ housing for the brakes, and refitting the front...
  6. Dizzle Problems


    Thanks man. Yea, I’ve come to really like/ only ride wide bars. I think these are about 34”. I scored the stem I prefer for this build from a friend, and the chainring needed arrived today in the mail. So, hoping to get this wrapped up this weekend.
  7. Dizzle Problems


    Little bit of progress on this one. Got the tires mounted, derailleur and cassette on, crank, and pedals secured. Test fitting bars and stem. So far not liking this stem on there. Ran into an issue with the long cage xtr derailleur. So, swapped it to a short cage one. Which will be fine with...
  8. Dizzle Problems

    Triple Threat Off Road Voting Poll

    Oh wow. Thank you all. I’m just happy to be building! Tons of great build’s this time around! Congrats to all who got their hands dirty and built a bike. Hope they’re gettin miles and bringing smiles. Thank you @OddJob for all the heavy lifting!
  9. Dizzle Problems


    Here’s some examples of a few builds of mine from the last year or so in this ‘category’ — ‘91 Nishiki Ariel. Cunningham design, made in the USA. ‘94 Scott (Kona P2 fork) ‘89 Nishiki Colorado. Also a Cunningham design. Wearing rain gear, aka fenders in this pic.
  10. Dizzle Problems


    Got the headset installed and the fork mounted. Lucked out and had the correct 26.8 seatpost on hand. Was a mistaken purchase a few builds back that needed 26.6. Swapped the quick release seatpost clamp to a bolt on, bb in, and test fitting a front rack. Sorting out the drivetrain. Big fan...
  11. Dizzle Problems

    26" Wheels with Sturmey Dyno Hubs $20

    I’d like to get on the list to be notified as well. Front or rear drum hubs, no rim needed. Thanks!
  12. Dizzle Problems

    What are these Brake Levers from does anyone know?

    Cool levers for sure. Chang Star. I’ve seen the calipers on several later 80s cruisers, Dia Compe copies. Edit- I google image searched ‘Chang star brake levers’ these came up-
  13. Dizzle Problems


    Had to get the wheels sorted. As much as I’d love perfectly matching set, I’m trying to go with what I have. I have a good front wheel, Mavic 517 with a Deore xt hub And another front wheel, Rhyno Lite with a Coda hub. Relaced it with a deore LX rear hub Lucked out with spoke length. I...
  14. Dizzle Problems


    Thanks Matti. I thought they were cool. Have never heard of the brand, but found them NOS at a reasonable price. Figure they’ll match the mostly early/ mid 90s bits. Will be swapping the pads to Kool stops.
  15. Dizzle Problems

    Sovos hubs and weinmann rims

    Interesting. The Sovos hubs are 90s. I have a pair, with that font, that were stock on a ‘97 Kona. I’d wager those wheels were relaced at some point
  16. Dizzle Problems


    First pile of bits-
  17. Dizzle Problems


    In the process of gathering bits for a build, thought I’d try to take some pictures and share along the way. Lately I’ve been building more ‘utilitarian/ city’ style bikes out of vintage mountain bikes. The first thing I was hunting for and found was a fork- It’s an ‘89 Diamondback fork. I’m...
  18. Dizzle Problems

    The Crusty Pistachio

    Did a little rework on my crusty Laguna Cruiser. From beach to bruiser. Build thread — The Crusty Pistachio Entry pic-
  19. Dizzle Problems

    The Crusty Pistachio

    Small progress. Got the chain tensioner on, and was able to trim the length of the rear brake cable by using a barrel nut.