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    Think I Found a Good Build Off Trophy

    Runner up ? Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza Tool . A cutting wheel fashioned after a High Wheeler .
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    Tires for this bike I just picked up.....

    For a 650A size I would consider these
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    Who are you? (with a bike of course)

    For the history buffs
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    Philadelphia Holiday Lights Ride, Wed 12/14/2022
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    where do you mostly shop for parts?
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    To all those "serious" riders...

    I am serious enough to protect my noggin !
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    Oxalic acid rust removal failures

    Copper turns green . So I would try a brass and copper cleaner.
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    What Size Headset ?

    Not available in stereo
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    Trexlertown , Pa
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    FOUND Dyno Coaster frame or bike

    Congrats !
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    Old horn voltage: 1.5V? 3V? what can I get away with?

    Those buzzers usually had a tone adjustment screw with locknut , preset at the factory for the rated voltage. Looks like it could be the red one on yours.
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    Gear Ratio For Cruiser?

    Gear ratio for a cruiser that I like ( 26" wheel btw ) , as the OP describes is the Bendix 2 speed kickback. Keep the 44 T front, and either the 18 T or 19 T rear cog. You may find useful past discussions on this form. These hubs are only available used . I find NOS occasionally . But, now...
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    Modern multi-speed hubs?
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    Cranbrook E-Bike

    The Cranbrook that I am familiar with has a 1pc crank. If you want pedal assist , the standard sensor is for left side of a 3pc crank spindle. There is an aftermarket right side magnet ( mount magnets on back of chain wheel) and sensor that requires DIY install that can be used with the 1pc...
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    Brand new old geezer member

    Welcome. You may like the Dyno link
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Swap Meet Shopping Cart
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    Can an axel mount be bent back into shape? (steel) (walmart bike)
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    FOUND Electra Rally Sport (Electra Ghost Rider, Hellbilly, Jeremy or Jester.) Handlebars

    Similar ? Electra Cafe Cruiser Handlebar - chrome
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    Trexlertown, Pa