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  1. rgrrbt

    The Shelbinator. 37 Shelby Y Frame Muscle Truck

    Shifter is a perfect match. Very nice!
  2. rgrrbt

    Super Sport, Super Continental, Super Hollywood

    Love the paint on the '62.
  3. rgrrbt

    A regressive build

    This is an interesting build. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.
  4. rgrrbt


    Nice wheelie bar :thumbsup:
  5. rgrrbt

    A-Frame Garden Shed built from preused wood and pallets

    Man, I love this project. Congratulation on the approval! That must be quite a relief to have that meeting behind you. Your ice structure photos are really cool.
  6. rgrrbt

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    It looks great. I agree that the 26/26 looks better than the staggered wheel set you had on there previously.
  7. rgrrbt

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    Nice job on the dimpling tool :thumbsup:
  8. rgrrbt

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    How is the ride with that gear ratio and the Nexus 3 feeling?
  9. rgrrbt


    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. :cool:
  10. rgrrbt

    Kasual Klunker

    Does your club have a website? I poked around, but didn't havesuccess finding anything.
  11. rgrrbt

    Electric Rat

    Cool project. I really think the 57mm rims greatly improved the look and will likely make it a much better roller. Really like this build!
  12. rgrrbt

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Nice Basman! I can see the 65:24 with the Alfine 8 - just having a hard time imagining it with the lesser ratio range of the Nexus3. Either way, nice bikes!
  13. rgrrbt

    $10 Schwinn: good deal to fix and flip or naw?

    That's usually the way things work. If you pause to ask others if it is worth the asking price, it will often be snatched before you get there. With time, one gains confidence in what something is worth to him/her, and is able to jump on a deal without second guessing. Better luck next time.
  14. rgrrbt


    Nice solution! I've also seen sway bar bushings used to similar effect. This reminds me that I need to do this for my cruiser before I end up with more chips in the paint.
  15. rgrrbt

    The Weight Loss Thread

    This reminds me of a quote from former Mr. Olympia Lee Haney: "Eat for what you're going to be doing, and not for what you have done. Don't take in more than you're willing to burn off." Also, charting your weight that you mentioned before is consistent with what I found. I've made it a point...
  16. rgrrbt

    Susan’s City Slicker

    Nice dartboard!:cool:
  17. rgrrbt

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    BB - So much to like about your bike. :thumbsup: Love me some Thick Bricks. Nice touch on the thumbie shifter. Good call on shortening the forks. 65T chainring! 👀 What ar you running on the back? I run a 44:22 on my Nexus 3 cruiser and am having a hard time imaginging a 65T.
  18. rgrrbt

    Project "Firebolt" life after BO

    I love the spirit of this project. Looking forward to the next update.
  19. rgrrbt

    Mid-80s Hevi-Duty value question.

    White walls on a black frame always looks good.
  20. rgrrbt

    Cheater Slick: my first muscle build

    What tire brand is the slick? Looks good on this bike.