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  1. ParkRNDL

    2021 Schwinn Predator Team 24

    Nice! I was aware that there was a green Stranger Things version, but I didn't know about some of the differences I see in the frame there. Like for example yours has a gusset like some of the 20" Predators from the early '80s. Also, your rear dropouts look closer to what the 1983 bike would...
  2. ParkRNDL

    2021 Schwinn Predator Team 24

    A few years back, Schwinn rolled out a Predator Team 24 which was essentially a tribute bike to the '83 model. Steel frame instead of chromoly, steel components instead of alloy, so it was a boat anchor, but hey, it looked great anyway. They started out on Amazon around $279 or $299 or so. For...
  3. ParkRNDL

    playing around with a knockoff GoPro

    Dunno if this link will work, but one of the guys who occasionally rides with us has a 360 camera like that. The guy in the blue T-shirt riding the red-orange Fastback is holding a pole/stick with the camera on it: Did I understand his explanation correctly? The way he put it, I thought that...
  4. ParkRNDL

    My only regret...

    We pedaled like heck on an evening ride a few years ago to see how high we could get this thing. The ones that look like they say "9" are actually "19," but because of the weirdness of LED phasing vs. video FPS they didn't catch the first digit. We had a pretty mixed bag that evening...
  5. ParkRNDL

    The history of the bicycle

    For me, a bike from a different era is like a time machine back to that era. I am a big fan of '60s (and '70s and '80s) Americana. If you jump on a '60s middleweight, or a '70s banana seat bike, or an '80s BMX machine, you're experiencing the bicycle in a way that most people don't anymore, and...
  6. ParkRNDL

    Got myself a history lesson about the LBS

    Back story: I have a great LBS. The back room is a bicycle boneyard with lots of old stuff to pick over, and the owner is usually willing to chat about bikes and local history. I've found a number of parts, frames, and even whole bikes there that made great projects, so the guy knows me when I...
  7. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    Took my recently acquired 1960 Schwinn Corvette for a spin yesterday. All I have done to this bike so far is replace the front wheel with one I had already, new tubes and tires, replace a couple of missing seat pan nuts, and adjust the shift mechanism. Once we get some nice spring weather, I...
  8. ParkRNDL

    Future MBBO Entry

    That's the bare pan. It was marginally better with the upholstery on it. They are very cool looking and make for good customs, but as far as riding them, they have all the rigidity of uncooked spaghetti. I've been lucky with my two, but I have heard that the common failure mode is for the...
  9. ParkRNDL

    Are you in?

    oops. gotcha. that's actually a Schwinn Deliveri. Got it as a frame/fork from ind-chuckz here on RRB. I painted over the name and made up the Tornado BX graphics because I thought Deliveri was a dumb name for a bike if it wasn't being used as a delivery bike. :rofl: here's how it got to its...
  10. ParkRNDL

    '60 Corvette 2-speed

    Picked this up at a local antique mall after a friend tipped me off. The one trouble spot is the front wheel. It's like that one spot sat underwater for years. It's actually much less rough than the '59 I found last year and I think it will probably clean up better.
  11. ParkRNDL

    Williamsport, MD Christmas Lights Ride 2022

    I have a great time at this every year. Didn't get too many pics this time, but you all get the idea. My ride was a Murray Strato Flite that happened to be my last build-off bike. The Honeymooner is a perennial favorite. These folks carry a huge karaoke speaker blasting Christmas music in...
  12. ParkRNDL

    Are you in?

    Totally missed this build-off, life has been busy the last several months and I have been pretty much absent from RRB. I have been kicking around ideas for reimagining both of these, and hopefully I will get one in the next time there's a build-off with a Klunker/Grown-up BMX theme.
  13. ParkRNDL


    I guess I kinda ran out of time to do a proper photo shoot for this one. Down to the last day, and it's a rainy cruddy day and we have plans to go to a cookout, so all I can do is rip off a few shots against the garage door and the neighbor's brick wall. Oh well, the bike will have to stand on...
  14. ParkRNDL

    The next build off? Plans for the future

    I'd like to, but I can't promise anything. It's a busy school year for me
  15. ParkRNDL

    Simple Transport VW and bicycle show today

    This show is the only place I've ever seen one. It's been here almost every year that I've attended. The Brasilias were a new one for me. A friend was telling me that it's a big deal to see one at all. Two at one show is huge.
  16. ParkRNDL

    Simple Transport VW and bicycle show today

    Well, since you asked... :grin:
  17. ParkRNDL

    Simple Transport VW and bicycle show today

    Some pics from the annual Simple Transport aircooled VW and bicycle show today in Hagerstown, MD There's always a pretty good BMX turnout, since the show is held at and benefits Hagerstown BMX. There were two amazing customs in particular. One was this Rollfast + sidecar that was fabricated...
  18. ParkRNDL

    StratoFlite (Spaceliner style)

    But anyway, back to the task at hand. Today was Simple Transport, a local aircooled VW and bicycle show that I attend every year. I entered the StratoFIite.
  19. ParkRNDL

    StratoFlite (Spaceliner style)

    I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that this all got the wheels turning for next year's Build-Off. Bought this at a yard sale in 2014, according to the date on the photos: By random coincidence, I found a much older Murray tank and rack that are painted the same color as this bike...
  20. ParkRNDL

    StratoFlite (Spaceliner style)

    That's what I needed to hear. Thanks!