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  1. irideiam

    SOLD 2022 Breezer Radar XL New Frameset, 700C Gravel Bike

    I know this is a long shot here, but I know a lot of guys like myself are into all types of bikes. Brand New 57cm 4130 chromoly frame/fork with original headset, stem and seat post. I special ordered as a complete 2022 Radar Cafe (flat bar version) of the Radar drop bar gravel bike. It is the...
  2. irideiam


    Looks more BMX
  3. irideiam

    SOLD Park Tool Caddie

    Now that I am back on my computer I was able to ad feedback, I was only having trouble on my phone. Thanks
  4. irideiam

    SOLD Park Tool Caddie

    It doesn't look like we can add feedback anymore, anyway great seller!
  5. irideiam

    1997 Trouble T Instigator (97 Dyno Ltd frame)

    Not mine, but on my local Craigslist
  6. irideiam

    SOLD 2017 Electra Ticino 8D, 8 Speed Commuter/City Bike

    Thanks. Yes, Its is a rare ride in rare condition. I am thinking it has to do with the holiday season. Someone just needs to buy themselves a gift.
  7. irideiam

    SOLD 2017 Electra Ticino 8D, 8 Speed Commuter/City Bike

    Open to offers plus partial trades. Send me a message and we'll go from there.
  8. irideiam

    Araya Wheel Set with two speed Kickback Hub

    Very nice!
  9. irideiam

    SOLD 2017 Electra Ticino 8D, 8 Speed Commuter/City Bike

    Bought new in 2019 as a leftover that was still in the box at my local Electra Dealer. These sweet city bikes are no longer made by Electra and are hard to find. Lightly ridden and well cared for. Added upgraded Continental tires and Electra Ticino rear rack., otherwise the bike is stock...
  10. irideiam

    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    Not mine, but heads up:
  11. irideiam

    SOLD Worksman 26x2.125 wheelset F/S

    These are great, I have used them on several customs, solid heavy duty wheels that ride nice!
  12. irideiam

    SOLD Park Tool Caddie

  13. irideiam

    SOLD Park Tool Caddie

    Sweet, I'll take it! Please send me a PM with paypal info.
  14. irideiam

    60s-70s Vintage Italian Iris Leather Seat / Saddle

    Still available
  15. irideiam

    What's your "go-to" bike?

    I see now you're in Germany where they have lots of lugged frames. Still curious....
  16. irideiam

    What's your "go-to" bike?

    What frame is that? 70s Raleigh with modern parts?
  17. irideiam


    Getting my vote!
  18. irideiam

    SOLD Sumo 26" x 1.75 rims

  19. irideiam

    SOLD Sumo 26" x 1.75 rims

    Nice ride! Rims are still available!