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  1. toro1978

    Blue Meanie Mod's

    Or remove the brace and weld a horseshoe in its place.
  2. toro1978

    Pope Roger bike build

    This frame would look really outlandish with a regulator style fork.
  3. toro1978

    E-Bike build

    Oh, I saw it now, under the battery! Thanks cap.
  4. toro1978

    E-Bike build

    It looks pretty cool already I don't see a BB, is it going to be a scooter? I like the fat fender and rear tire.
  5. toro1978

    No. 3 build ready to kick off...

    The fork sure look solid. I am curious how soft/stiff the spring is. Thanks for the close up photo.
  6. toro1978

    My rat rod ebike

    Pretty cool. Is the battery in the tank?
  7. toro1978

    Rat Rod Ebike

    I quite like both of them. I am not sure which one do I prefer. Maybe the second, perhaps because the color gives it somewhat vintage look.
  8. toro1978

    Custom Stealth

    Cool ride :) I love it.
  9. toro1978


    A friend bought for me this cool dynamo at a flea market. I mounted it and I like how it looks. I haven't connected it yet and I don't know if it will work in this direction. I will probably try it during the weekend.
  10. toro1978

    "Chop Suey"

    Thanks! Which one do you mean? The black or the silver one?
  11. toro1978

    "Chop Suey"

    I had a suspension stem (some nos) on a bike and I hated it. I rode with it twice and removed it.
  12. toro1978

    Electric Rat

    The new version will look much better and cleaner.
  13. toro1978

    Electric Rat

    How about making a leading fork?
  14. toro1978

    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    I took moped headlights. The one on the black bike is an old one that I converted to led and the one on the chopper is a new one that originally takes a led bulb, cost me a 20.
  15. toro1978

    fenders mounted with triple tree fork

    Is it a rigid triple tree or a suspension fork? And if it is a suspension fork does it have a through axle or a standard older axle? I have used this type that attaches to the axle. However the fork legs might be in the way if the fender is too short.
  16. toro1978

    Electric Rat

    A midmotor is a good choice because it usually has an integrated controller, which makes for a simpler and cleaner conversion. Most common bafang or tsdz2. When considering one should know that the bafang is not compatible with a coaster brake (or with the kickback hub). Tsdz2 however has a...
  17. toro1978

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    I love how clean the front looks. I wanted to go the same route originally, with 26/26, but I don't have wide rim 26" wheelset and didn't want to purchase one just to see if it fits.
  18. toro1978

    Daily fail

    The top nut got somehow stuck during removal after a few millimeters so I cut through the shaft. I installed another fork that I had.
  19. toro1978

    Daily fail

    Nothing especially entertaining. I was dumb enough to a short distance without lights after dark and a driver couldn't see me until the last moment. I got lucky that he had very quick reactions and managed to stop before running me over. I had no idea that the reaction arm could bend like that...
  20. toro1978

    Daily fail

    I have a daily bike. Nothing fancy - a diamond frame, 7 speed igh, and a drum brake in the front. Well I didn't bother to reapply some grease to it and a hard emergency braking caused this: Luckily I have another fork that I can use, but not having another drum brake on hand I will have to...