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  1. 100 mile howie

    Finds up north

    The Saskatoon tag is my fav. item in the box but I am sure to find the other bits to come in handy from time to time.
  2. 100 mile howie

    Finds up north

    A friend of mine that hauls junk and does clean ups, gifted me a funky box full of old bike bits. Its good to let people know about your hobby. The bar tape price was $1.39 probably from about 1980.
  3. 100 mile howie


    You may find that it has a sealed beam lamp in the housing. Nice find just the same. And a belated congrats for your skinny wheel entry. I thought it was a winner from the start.
  4. 100 mile howie

    Post Triple Threat Lovefest

    I have been inspired by the builds that I saw in this, my first buildoff and have been encouraged to further persue my hobby. How awesome is this community!
  5. 100 mile howie

    Finds up north

    Reporting from the westernmost province of this north country. I found something interesting at a thrift store a while back. The biplane fork crown and bull moose caught my eye at first and I thought that the crankset looked kinda desirable, so I coughed up the $20 and loaded into my pickup...
  6. 100 mile howie

    Jude’s Red Rider: final pic’s

    Nice, and very red. A cohesive build. I like it a lot.
  7. 100 mile howie

    Old Glory

    Did a double take on the reflector sticker. Took a minute to realise the significance. Good one.
  8. 100 mile howie

    Which bike to buy?

    For me it would be the TREK.
  9. 100 mile howie

    Fenders or Fenderless ?

    I think the bike looks unmolested and more complete with fenders.
  10. 100 mile howie

    Mixed up Mixte

    build thread
  11. 100 mile howie


    build thread
  12. 100 mile howie

    The Breeze. A tribute to Joe Breeze and his Breezer #1 prototype.

    link to the build
  13. 100 mile howie

    Triple Threat Trifecta

    Trifecta. Renegade, Mixed up Mixte and The Breeze. Not my original intention. It just sort of happened that way.
  14. 100 mile howie


    It's all relative. Frames like that are not real common where I am, so if one became available locally, I would definately be interested and I always think that I can fix it. lol..
  15. 100 mile howie

    Loose on Tucson

    I'm diggin the clean, uncluttered look and I have a thing for pumps.
  16. 100 mile howie

    Mixed up Mixte

    It was hard to choose which bar to go with since each one had merit.
  17. 100 mile howie

    Canadian-Italian skinny rust bucket save

    From the info available on the net, I think it is probably eariy 80s.
  18. 100 mile howie


    I thought a chopper style suicide shifter might be appropriate for this build. I mounted a thumb shifter on the seat tube. I spread the clamp enough to fit on the seat tube and installed a longer curved bolt with nut. Its not real elegant, but it works my mind is already trying to figure a...