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  1. buses 'n bikes

    Coppertone February '64 Stingray find...

    Comparable Typhoon example in ref to the above comment about the fork crown cap:
  2. buses 'n bikes

    1996 Bontrager Privateer Comp

    Very cool pre-Trek, pre-component house brand! Great find!
  3. buses 'n bikes

    Coppertone February '64 Stingray find...

    Sting Rays of all trims always had the chrome crown. Typhoons, Skippers used the 20'' Sting Ray frame over the years but NEVER had the fork crown. That's how you can easily ID those models absent a chainguard or screen (decal). Assuming the stock fork is present.
  4. buses 'n bikes

    Big Ripper for the fleet.

    The anodizing on the pins failed. The chain itself was rock solid. OP, the half link chains look cool but isn't it much heavier? I LOVE what you're doing with this bike - nice build!!
  5. buses 'n bikes

    Advice needed for buying 'correct' parts

    You may also want to try bmxmuseum classifieds and having eBay saved searches. Sometimes folks list stuff cheaply. Good luck on your parts quest and have fun!
  6. buses 'n bikes

    Interesting Bianchi cruiser Sacramento

    Hmmm, kinda cool but also looks pretty low quality. I had an early celeste Bianchi Milano with a 7 speed Nexus hub a few years ago, that was a quick bike with high pressure 26'' skinnies and an aluminum frame!
  7. buses 'n bikes

    Schwinn Stingray???

    I'd just sell it as is. Repainting will not net a return. The two valuable pieces are the frame and wheels. Good luck, the Falcon sounds awesome!
  8. buses 'n bikes

    Coppertone February '64 Stingray find...

    10-4! Yeah, I totally get that. Enjoy!!
  9. buses 'n bikes

    Coppertone February '64 Stingray find...

    I'd agree. If a true Deluxe in '64 it would've had a reverse screen guard. Not sure where you are but if you're in Iowa and want to sell, let's talk. Thanks!
  10. buses 'n bikes

    King Cruiser

    Very cool!
  11. buses 'n bikes

    59 Wasp

    One cool rig you have there, the Wasp was one of the latest balloon tire (2.125) holdouts being built til 1964. By then everyone else had transitioned to middleweight (1.75) tire bikes. I would love to find a '64 Wasp someday, the end of a decades-long run for the ballooners. Of course...
  12. buses 'n bikes

    Big Ripper for the fleet.

    Really cool! Nice personal touches on the bike, enjoy!
  13. buses 'n bikes

    59 Wasp

    I guess it could be a later chainguard added then.
  14. buses 'n bikes

    Schwinn Spitfire BMX build

    Perfection, man! Great build. I'm a huge fan of those S&M High Husky MX bars myself...
  15. buses 'n bikes

    59 Wasp

    I don't believe that's a '53. More like a '59 or so with that chainguard decal. There are a few Schwinn serial number look up tools online if you're inclined. Nice project and I like your direction with it! Have fun!
  16. buses 'n bikes

    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    I have yet to dial my Cook in to ride as nice as my Humu. I'm confident I can get it there but I kid you not.
  17. buses 'n bikes

    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    @Soupbone flexin' HARD with four Kona cruisers! Nice!!!
  18. buses 'n bikes

    1965 stingray

    Wow, quite nice. There are some parts that have definitely been changed out but if you can get it for less than $350 assuming the wheels are Schwinn S2/S7 front then you're in a good place!
  19. buses 'n bikes

    SS cook bros bars?

    They look pretty legit. I believe some versions were nickel-plated. There are a few very helpful Cook FB groups you could post to in addition to BMXmuseam. Good luck!
  20. buses 'n bikes

    Show me your fixed gear bikes. Any fixed wheel bicycle is allowed.

    I used to ride fixies a lot back in college but got away from it for about 6 or 7 years since my last rig. I just build up a Bianchi Pista robbing the wheelset and from my Bianch San Jose. I forgot how fun these things are, especially actual track "oriented" bikes with the tight geometry and...