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  1. Mild ta Wild

    Who the heck am I,

    Thanks for the replies, almost every e-bike that I've seen looks like the old mini-bikes of my days. They are alright but everyone has them here in Calif. and I have to be different, stand out from the crowd. This bike does it for me and my creativity side guided me to take this open canvass, as...
  2. Mild ta Wild


    Up for sale is this brand new Cheetah 26" E-Bike that I bought from Revi-bike. I started a new job that is 7.5 miles from my home and with the price of gas I decided to buy something different in E-bikes. Unfortunately, because of the extreme hot weather this past summer I haven't ridden the...
  3. Mild ta Wild

    Who the heck am I,

    I like to think that I'm a nice guy, outspoken, but now I'm heading towards a grumpy old man. When I realized that I'm now a senior citizen I wasn't prepared for that, I freaked out and wanted time to go backwards. Fat chance but throughout my life I was respectful towards others, I had to...