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  1. Markm


    Took an angle grinder to a crossthreaded headset..not pretty..rigged a springer...not pretty either..
  2. Markm


  3. Markm

    Dyno's Taxi

    Happy belated Bday!
  4. Markm


    3speed Nexus coaster brake and stick shift
  5. Markm

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Battery powered..perfect for metal bonfires...or non-metal bonfires..
  6. Markm

    George M. in Denver, Co. - Just signed up!

    Well....I'm no Eric ...but I think he was joking about primitive tools
  7. Markm

    Yesterday's carnitas

    Become today's bbq pork
  8. Markm

    Silver Flash maybe have a look.

    I'm a Rust lover...HOWEVER, I'm digging this!!
  9. Markm


    Me: I fixed your teddybearangel Wife: Mark, I swear if it has a bat wing I'm gonna..
  10. Markm


    Michigan City is minutes away from me. Send it to me and I'll take it back home 😁😁
  11. Markm


    My wife's teddybearangel lost a wing..I fixed it
  12. Markm

    Freeliner with 3 x 1 gearing is GO!

    Cool bike stand!
  13. Markm

    Old skool..

    XC204, Old Greaser,Johnny, Markm, and Skipton. May 2011
  14. Markm

    Frankenstein (kinda) lives!!

    Very cool!!
  15. Markm

    Frankenstein (kinda) lives!!

    ....and that a Frankenstein "sign" on other side of bike?
  16. Markm

    Frankenstein (kinda) lives!! had me at Frankenstein......