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  1. rickpaulos

    Bicentennial tribute

    For inspiration or ideas. My 2020 RRBBO. (with my 2019 RRBBO Undeniably Irish). Both are 24" wheels on 26" frames. IMO, Schwinn blew it by not offering the Bicenntenial option in more models. Sting Ray & Varsity weren't enough. Why not a Paramount or Super Sport or tandems, etc. I hope the...
  2. rickpaulos


    I recognize that bike. I sold these two 5/29.
  3. rickpaulos

    Help! Looking for vintage trike experts

    You don't need new spokes. Use the existing spokes in place. Count the spokes so you get a replacement rim with the same spoke hole count. Looks like 36 in the photos. Most trikes have 24" rims. There are 7 different diameters of 24" rims. Check the tire sidewall for the right size. Most...
  4. rickpaulos

    Fork Support

    I had a ~2000 Cannondale F500 (and a couple others) with the head shock so I learned all about them. The rubber boot is suppose to keep water and crud out but it works far better at keeping the water in so it got very rusty and seized up (before I bought it) I found out the castle nut tool was...
  5. rickpaulos

    Spokes pulled out thru rim

    Chinese? yes. 1 speed. I found a 7 speed version that looks very close. There seems to be dozens of no-name brands of these with slight variations. 1-piece vs 3 piece cranks, side pull brake vs v-brakes, 1 speed vs 7 speed, etc. sold for $250- $300 for the 1 speed versions...
  6. rickpaulos

    Spokes pulled out thru rim

    Post a photo of the whole trike if you can. Removing the rear wheels from a trike is pretty easy unless it's solid rust ( I had one like that). Most trike rear wheels don't have axles in the wheels. The main axles are attached to the frame. There is usually a nut or bolt holding the wheel on...
  7. rickpaulos

    Spokes pulled out thru rim

    That sort of damage is from a big impact. Like dropping a sledge hammer on the bike. Not from regular riding stress unless someone jambs a big stick into the wheel. I've seen it often at the local bike coop.
  8. rickpaulos

    Spokes pulled out thru rim

    I recognise that model of rim. It is very light, even for aluminum. And not strong at all. OEM on some cheap bsos. Obviously the spokes are much stronger than the rim. It's not that hard to replace just the rim. The beginner method is to tape the new rim to the old and move the spokes over...
  9. rickpaulos

    Spokes pulled out thru rim

    Steel rim? It usually leaves a small volcano shape. I have used a ball peen hammer to close up the pulled out spoke nipple holes. Work around the protruding edges until it is flush with the rest of the rim. Works pretty well. Aluminum rims? It's shot, replace it. Cracks or pulled out...
  10. rickpaulos

    Trailer load of boxed bikes.

    Ad deleted. Sold?
  11. rickpaulos

    Wheel Generator Brake Lights?

    Those bottle generators have so much drag they do a substantial amount of braking by themselves reducing the amount of braking needed. I have a 12 Volt bottle generator that has about 2x the drag and could power a regular semi truck trailer light if you want a really bright brake light. There...
  12. rickpaulos

    Skip tooth chain

    skip tooth chain length formula: A=distance from rear axle to center of crank bb. (in inches) C=number of teeth on cog S=number of teeth on sprocket. length = Ax2 + C/2 + S/2 Slide the wheel all the way back to get the longest possible length. Slide the wheel all the way forward to get the...
  13. rickpaulos

    24" Wheel Schwinn Caliente

    Our local coop has scraped out hundreds of bikes not worthy and there are bins of all kinds of parts. Take a caliper and tape measure when shopping. The worst bikes are the full suspension 20" and 24" bikes. Far too heavy for kids and the gears and brakes are pretty bad. A 50 pound 20" bike...
  14. rickpaulos

    24" Wheel Schwinn Caliente

    Finished this up today. 40 x 14 gearing. Respaced and redished the rear wheel to get chain line better. Rear brake bridge hole is a bit wonky so I added a big spacer so the brake arms would clear the seat stays.
  15. rickpaulos

    Franken Tandem gallery

    Most franken tandems are junky creations.Not this one. Well built and surely a lot went in to equipping it. I think I've seen it in person before. Yowza. Schwinn Whizzer tandem. $15k.
  16. rickpaulos

    1971 Schwinn collegiate camelback

    Yes, 24 x 2.125 on both bikes. The Schwinn had 26 x 1 3/8" tires and so not as much tire clearance. I had to widen the chain stays near the bb so the 24 x 2.125 tire would fit.. The Huffy was a 26" mtb with a shock fork so it had much more tire clearance to start with. Aluminum rims cut the...
  17. rickpaulos

    1971 Schwinn collegiate camelback

    Adult size rays... This is a 1972 Racer I did for RRBBO 2020. Pretty much the same frame as the Collegiate. I used 24x 2.125 tires. 1976 Bicentennial colors and decals. SOLD. Parked with a Huffy I did a year or two before. Same wheel size but about 10 pounds lighter than the Schwinn and...