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    What's your "go-to" bike?

    The majority of my daily pleasure riding, errands, and, commuting is split nearly even between these 3 oldies.
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    New Member saying Hi and need some help

    I would sooooo ride that! Keep the original parts for the day you either sell it or show it, but, put on and/or adjust parts that will make it reasonably comfortable for you to ride.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Spent the day running errands on the Cimarron. I wonder how many miles I've put on it over the last 35 years.
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    26" banana seats

    Schwinn Corvette
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    Lets see all those Twin Bar frames!!

    Spaceliner (awaiting a custom build in the near future)
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    BMX bikes.Lets see'em!!!

    Cool bikes! Especially love those yellow Lesters on the Schwinn.
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    Stingrays Only! (Early scramblers and hurricanes too!)

    1977 Stingray BMX build.
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    Bikes and Military Memorials

    The National World War I Museum and Memorial in KCMO.
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    Pedal Draggers. Like'em, Hate'em, could care less...

    Love 'em! Makes for a fun, challenging ride, especially, when mated to a springer fork/seat combination.
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    Bikes and Military Memorials

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Kansas City
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    BMX bikes.Lets see'em!!!

    '95 Mongoose Menace. Nothing special, but, one of my favorite daily riders.