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    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    I guess Sundays are now Mondays. ^^^^^ So distracted that we don't even know what day it is. How many times has this occurred? Pay attention Ratters! TODAY is Monday, not yesterday! How difficult is it? Seems 2b very much so.

    need help identifying this bike i just picked up (no head badge)

    Yes, this is why we need to see the other stamping (if present) as prefix letters were re-used over time by Westfield. It could very well be a 1948 model. Seat would become era appropriate if so. It does have the typical 40's paint scheme for "Columbia" Westfield. @Wildcat What would the...

    need help identifying this bike i just picked up (no head badge)

    'Westfield" built, Columbia badged...34ish....look for another number stamping on the bb shell. Should be a letter and number separate from the #M81459. Odd that is has the non-clincher wheels for this era that look to be not original to the bike? Seat is also later..

    Elgin? Colson?

    "C6" is the Westfield frame code for June of 1936. Fork is a Snyder tripple crown fork

    Hiawatha Balloon tire - Make/ model/ year?

    Cool 40's shelby. The "H" serial numbers on Shelby's were used during two period of times. Early "H" serial numbers (frames) were built during the early 30's, and were comprised mostly of 28-er wheeled machines using numbers under 100,000. After 1941/2 heading into WW2 and afterwards, the...

    Bikes I likes

    Yes, very good read linked above! Great stuff. But no mention of QR's or 2-spd front drives? Why not?