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  1. GeePig

    A Proper Rat Rod

    TI Sturmey-Archer, so no older than 1960, so unlikely to be older than me. Dammit, I remember such things new in the shops...
  2. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    One tries, and one always hopes so ;) And it certainly keeps me off the street until I am ready for the street...
  3. GeePig

    Anchors Aweigh AKA Fighting Checkmates

    I try to keep all my old axles out of the wheels, stripped down and together, ready for these times. It meant that I easily found a long axle for my current build.
  4. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    Since I live in a block where most of the people are living in a city for the first time, what gets thrown away is interesting - lots of cardboard boxes, stuff that they brought with them, stuff their parents gave them and stuff that they buy here. I have cycled around all the local streets and...
  5. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    The funny thing is that the chances of me attempting a wheelie is about zero. I mean I have done them, usually accidentally, but I am more likely to do a jump offroad - but at the end of the day I am a long-distance rider, on and off road, so I tend to keep my wheels on the ground. As an...
  6. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    I am considering borrowing this bit off last summers build, to act as the front mount of my new seat, as bent seat stems do not appear to be a thing in this part of rural western Poland. If I had a big enough gas bottle and kit I might attempt to bend one of my seat posts, but that is not going...
  7. GeePig


    You could also try soaking the tires in water overnight, as they recommend for some bandsaw belts. ... as I read in another post.
  8. GeePig

    W I D E & Loaded

    I would have to agree ;)
  9. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    I have been rather busy for the last couple of days, but I have managed to make some progress. I have not got the rear wheel tightened up yet, as I only did an assembly to make sure that I have enough room for the tires with this wheel size. You can see that I need to make some kind of bracket...
  10. GeePig

    Anchors Aweigh AKA Fighting Checkmates

    If this fender is rare, then eventually you are going to remove it. It may be that adhesive or some kind of clip may work better for you.
  11. GeePig

    ▀▄▀▄▀▄ 爪尺. Ꮆ卂丂丂乇尺 ▄▀▄▀▄▀ ( or... How To Turn Your Cycle Truck Into A Ratrod Monster Roadster Using Two Kiddie Cars) - BO18 Build Journal

    I would be tempted to make the exhausts appear to come from under the bodywork, if that is possible. Many race cars in the past had an open gap at the front to pull in the air, but that might take a bit of work with filler to look right. But yep, the motor sitting on top of the frame would be...
  12. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    I have made further process on my barn door hinge rear axle mounting plates. As you can see, they still need quite a bit of work to finish them off, but they are now ready for an initial assembly. The funny thing is just how much effort drilling the barn door hinge steel is, I bought a pair of...
  13. GeePig

    Nervous Nelly

    I love these kinds of hubs - they are all strange and mysterious at first, then you are stripping, repairing and rebuilding them like with no problem :)
  14. GeePig

    How do you find the time?

    Oh, and I have another bike if I had not chopped the frame before the prices went up, the one the 3-speed derailleur in my little picture on the left came off. I have another frame that I could rebuild, pop the original forks and parts on, and there you go!
  15. GeePig

    How do you find the time?

    I seem to read a lot, much more than I ever did, but I have always been a bit of a reader, which is probably why I am an editor these days, and then there is living in two places, travel, spending time with wifie, the cats, mowing or cutting wood (depending on the time of year), and then I get...
  16. GeePig

    Lady Godiva

    Do you have any really short crank arms for the pedals?
  17. GeePig

    Zasada Rides Again

    Since I have decided that an extended rear wheel mount is the way to go, it was time to choose what colour wheel I should use. Having an orange frame, and realizing that I had already given the front wheel a white primer coat kind of shot down the chrome wheel idea, but forgetting these minor...
  18. GeePig

    Trojan Horse

    When I was young, I would have done that with a pin punch on a piece of wood with a hole in it. Now we all have chain tools... ;)
  19. GeePig


    Yes, really nice looking wheels :)