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  1. Venice Motor Bikes

    Chrome Monark Style Springer fork for 1-1/8 threadless frames

    This post has been re-edited for another price drop. :) (it's now $110 shipped)
  2. Venice Motor Bikes

    Chrome Monark Style Springer fork for 1-1/8 threadless frames

    PRICE DROP!!!! $90 cash (in person), or $110 shipped through PayPal
  3. Venice Motor Bikes

    Chrome Monark Style Springer fork for 1-1/8 threadless frames

    Just what the title says... Heavy Duty Chrome springer fork for 26" cruisers with 1-1/8" threadless headsets $110 with free shipping to US 48 (by PayPal), or local cash pick up in Los Angeles for $90 I'm not on this forum very much, so please email me at [email protected] *EDITED...
  4. Venice Motor Bikes

    SOLD SOLD ... Columbia 3 Star 26" springer fork

    This is a restored vintage Columbia 3-Star springer fork for 26" cruisers.... It's missing the steering lock ,,, 1" threaded headset. $150 (free shipping to US 48) I don't check this forum a lot, so please email me at venicemoto[email protected] (PayPal ready), or local cash pick up in Los...
  5. Venice Motor Bikes

    Oldest bike you own

    The oldest bikes I have are 1930's Schwinns (The blue is a 24")... :mrgreen:
  6. Venice Motor Bikes

    Schwinn 24" Deluxe Tornado 'swap meet score'!!

    Here's a little update on my Deluxe Tornado... I found a correct tank for it, & I also built my dream wheels for it. I built a set of polished 24" Felt 50mm wheels with 12 gage stainless spokes, a Bendix 'red band' 2-speed kick back hub & a Schwinn 'ACS' front hub.
  7. Venice Motor Bikes

    24" Schwinn 'straight bar' conversion

    Here's a nice little 24" Schwinn that I scored from a local bike nut who converted it into a 'straight bar' frame... I'm going to motorize it for my 9 yr old son real soon, so I upgraded the wheels & tires to something a little more sturdy. I'm planning on making a 'in frame' gas tank &...
  8. Venice Motor Bikes

    My Narrow Fire Arrow - 1957

    That's a really nice looking bike!! Good job! 8)
  9. Venice Motor Bikes

    My 62 Schwinn w/ my 63 Chevy

    You have awesome taste in both bikes & trucks! Here's mine... :mrgreen:
  10. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized Bicycles

    Here's a quick pic of my 1930's Schwinn C-model 'Board Track Racer'... It's almost finished. :)
  11. Venice Motor Bikes

    Schwinn 24" Deluxe Tornado 'swap meet score'!!

    I ended up building some custom Felt 24" wheels with a 8-speed/drum brake Sturmey hub & 12ga spokes. I also found the correct Schwinn tank for it... I'll post some pix soon.
  12. Venice Motor Bikes

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    I finally got around to installing the engine on this Felt that I've slowly been building in my spare time... The bike is a 2007 Felt- Troy Lee 'Happy Hour'. I converted the top tube into a gas tank using a black anodized KW Machine filler cap, & I also used their billet engine mounts. The...
  13. Venice Motor Bikes

    My Collection Past And Present

    Those are all awesome bikes!! 8)
  14. Venice Motor Bikes

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Here's a picture of our vintage Schwinns at the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet a few months ago... (This is also one of the biggest swap meets in So-Cal for vintage bicycle parts). The black motorized bike is my 1950 26" Schwinn Excelsior, the white one is my GFs 1961 24" Tornado & the red...
  15. Venice Motor Bikes

    now i just need to name it

    The Head Hunter... 8)
  16. Venice Motor Bikes

    Newest Venice Board Track Racer

    Here's a BTR that I just finished today.... (Now I get to test ride it for a few days before shipping it out). Every one of these I build gets a little better than the last one! This is a 1950s Schwinn straight bar that's covered in a 4-stage 'blood red' powder coat. It has a 'three port'...
  17. Venice Motor Bikes


    I think it needs a motor! 8)
  18. Venice Motor Bikes


    Here's a few more Low Riders that I've built...
  19. Venice Motor Bikes

    let me see your chopper bicycles

    I've built many bikes that need to be in this section! Here's a link to my page... ... kes/Bikes/