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    Fenders or Fenderless ?

    I have to vote in favor of fenders. To me, it's a more "complete" look. Of course, if riding in rain or mud, fenders suddenly become very desirable!
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    How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

    Looks good and sounds good -- can I get some vodka with that?
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    Wooden bicycle build

    This is fascinating, and some of you guys have amazing skills/knowledge. Thanks for the many pics, drawings, tips, etc. and for those yet to come!
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    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    Thanks for the suggestion and the pics -- looks great!
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    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    Thanks for the suggestions -- very nice!
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    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    That's awesome -- hope I can find something similar. --
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    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    Happy New Year to all! I don't ride at night much during the summer months, but once daylight savings time goes bye-bye, I do. It gets dark so much earlier! I am looking for a large headlight to replace my stock headlight. It's not a terrible headlight, but I want something much bigger, and also...