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  1. bikebum1975

    What have you made from old bicycle parts???

    Does this count? Made a pot hanger from some left over brake and gear cable
  2. bikebum1975


    Nice sonics almost forgot about this thread anyways here is my old sonic
  3. bikebum1975

    If you had $100,000 what would you drive?

    Fully restored 1967 Ford Mustang GT 500 Elanor :D Biggest Ford power plant I could stuff in it loudest pipes I can legally get
  4. bikebum1975

    Your favorite non-bike site

    Several bushcraft sites being a favorite
  5. bikebum1975

    Leather Toe Straps

    Very cool idea
  6. bikebum1975

    October snow

    Took this pic when we had the freak snow storm here in Connecticut. She just looked right old bike planning to restore at one point. Nothin fancy just an old 80s Winora German lady
  7. bikebum1975

    My 'Liner at Lake Nokomis

    All good loves those bikes myself wanna get one someday. Fav pic would have to say second one looks like she's almost floating
  8. bikebum1975

    The Young American

    Dig it Man very cool
  9. bikebum1975

    One of my loop rides today

    Thanks Mate where bouts in Connecticut you at?
  10. bikebum1975

    One of my loop rides today

    Had a good 22 mile ride today sorta in a way on a bit of a photography scouting ride here's the shot sure some on here may recognize a few places out on my Panasonic Sport Got some fall color to :) enjoy Start of the ride Local landmark the old flagpole she's HUGE in person this...
  11. bikebum1975

    how to polish a 1969 huffy sligshot?

    Depends how bad the paint is Turtle wax has a couple different compounds you can get either the black bottle polishing compound or the heavier grit green bottle rubbing compound just be careful with that one and put a good wax on it after. Won't take to much to get it shined up either
  12. bikebum1975

    rat rod decals

    Man those would look wicked for patches to just sayin :mrgreen: I'd love to get one of the built not bought ones as a patch myself
  13. bikebum1975

    My latest fixed gear

    Sweet bike really toying on building one myself cept we got some nasty hills round here to much walkin it
  14. bikebum1975

    Some Beautiful Retro Road Bikes

    Good Lord those bikes are pure rolling artwork. Just here drooling now :mrgreen:
  15. bikebum1975

    I need some information please

    From what I have read on another forum I don't think you can without a great deal of modding to the bike meaning changing to a cassette VS freewheel which that most likely is also changing out the rear derailleur and such plus getting new shifters it really wouldn't be that cheap of a change...
  16. bikebum1975

    Trinidad Colorado New Chainring

    Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike Bar mount headlamp That has to be one of the coolest bikes I have seen. makes me wish I had a welder got a bike I wanna mod badly
  17. bikebum1975


    Wicked cool
  18. bikebum1975

    Miyata 1000 Project

    Good lookin bike only thing I might change if was mine drop the stem a bit just a tad high on it but otherwise nice lookin ride. Love those old 80s roadies
  19. bikebum1975

    My 10 y/o's first "build" & my Sears

    Both cool lookin rides dig the tail light idea
  20. bikebum1975

    Possible steampunk bike

    Well I think I finally have my bike idea in the works had this bike for about 8 years now and time to rebuild the old lady. So toying with adding a piece of copper tube for the top tube on the bike gonna leave bare copper and leave all the solder joints I put on it exposed. Frame thinking gonna...