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  1. JoKeR63


    I really wish I could have followed this side of the aisle (traditional) a little more but it was enough for me to track the others in Anything Goes. So I voted for some things that just caught my eye here; Dingo balls, another sidehacker, and some wonderfully crusty faux patina. Fordsnake...
  2. JoKeR63

    Victus Mortuus (Riding Video)

    Hey Tommy, lets see a nighttime vid with what I assume is a flaming lantern.
  3. JoKeR63

    Victus Mortuus

    Glad you made it, and a fine finish product, Sir!
  4. JoKeR63


    Re: FINISHED BIKES: The list Big thumbs up! OSC, you actually used the photo of Elgenetic that I wanted, a first! Thanks for the hard work.
  5. JoKeR63


    Nite Shots. My camera is not good at this.
  6. JoKeR63

    ANGEL '0' DEATH & The Disciples. New Pics.

    Re: ANGEL '0' DEATH & The Disciples. Way to go Funky, it was lookin' kinda' sketchy there in the late hours, glad you made it. I like the fact that it's painted like an actual Ghost Bike.
  7. JoKeR63

    Kermit JC Higgin Flightliner

    Nice. Yellow tires really pop.
  8. JoKeR63


    Here we go, the final piece to the puzzle. Time to put tools and paint away, and go see some grandbabies. Here is Elginetic..................................... In the beginning. Mods, use this pic........................................................ I'll...
  9. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic (Goin' Together) Alright time to rap this one up. All I have to do now is wash it and take pictures. Seat has the Elgin "V"" design, looks good and is darn near unrideable. Well I got lost some weird tangent, this bike was far more work than I expected. I had an image of a ratty...
  10. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic (Goin' Together) Oh, yea!!!!!, it's crunch time! And my pedals look like crap. So I went to the drivetrain bucket, looking for rat traps. But found a set of Schwinn exercise pedals and they weigh like a pound each. Since the tires are fun enough to get going I really don't need...
  11. JoKeR63

    ANGEL '0' DEATH & The Disciples~ 100% Done,Finished...

    Re: ANGEL '0' DEATH ~ Painting,and painting,but wait,more pai... Wow, and I thought I was behind, now GET TA PAINTIN'! Hope ya' make it.
  12. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic (Goin' Together) Frt end is on. Copious amounts of tape was used this time around. Starting to see that lite.................... Looks like I'm gonna' make it. :D
  13. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic It's assembly day!! Paint is done for the most part and it is what it is. No sanding down and re-deux. Times up and it's time to get crackin' :D Ok, here's some teasers.
  14. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic Mostly waiting for paint to dry at this point. Got headlamp wired up, but I have to repaint the front bezel. Hmmm, looks like I need some new batts.
  15. JoKeR63


    Re: ☆★☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆★☆ RRBO#8. Yep. And just added a Grandson last Sunday, Sidehacked! will be in use for a while. Plus the sidecar is easily separated, makes for a nice, heavy chopper.
  16. JoKeR63


    Re: ☆★☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆★☆ RRBO#8. Last years RRBO, Sidehacked! It's mine. Yea, when you think you've got an original idea, and something just makes sense, the internet comes along and shows that somebody else had the same thought before you. This can happen with just about anything. :) I was...
  17. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic (Now with wheel wheels) Wheels are done, but what a P.I.T.B. :x A day full of the WWE. The second row was the worst. I highly recommend staying away from 11 gauge spokes! The assembly process. This was the easy part, it was all downhill from there. The finished product. I...
  18. JoKeR63


    Re: ☆★☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆★☆ RRBO#8. Hmmmmm, your drivetrain looks vaguely familiar................ And yes, your disk brake oughta' stop that thing.
  19. JoKeR63

    Avocado, first pics of the finished bike!

    Re: Avocado, Rare Bell Added! I've got the feeling you're gonna' be a Busy Beaver pretty soon, my Elgin could use some stuff like that. ( :wink: upgrade for next year)
  20. JoKeR63

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic Hoops painted and proper colour tyres are here.