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  1. Petrohead

    Spiegel Airman

    Yeah, this badge is too kewl. I don't want to part this thing. Too neat. If there is no interest I will retro-rod it.
  2. Petrohead

    Spiegel Airman

    Not sure about year of this bike but I would like to find out. I am interested in any info anyone might have. I would consider offers for sale or trade. It rides nice and smooth and appears to have all the original parts right down to the tires. Some things I am looking for are Moon Discs, Bent...
  3. Petrohead

    1968 Huffy Slingshot COPPER

    I believe this is a 1968 Huffy Slingshot. Haven't even cleaned it up yet. I would consider offers to sell or trade. I like to customize stuff and this looks to be all original and complete (besides brake cables). So I would rather keep it together and have it go to someone who can appreciate it...
  4. Petrohead


    Too cool. I had one of these when I was a yougin'. Put that bike through some serious abuse. Brings back memories!
  5. Petrohead

    Seat cover ideas...

  6. Petrohead

    "Deluxe 6" Rat Racer build diary ALMOST DONE!!!!

    With the help of Jones & Son I made the badges and left them in their raw finish with no protect-ant. Then I made a little contraption that held and ounce or so of ammonia, put that in a larger container that suspended the badges or other brass parts in the fumes (not directly in the liquid)...
  7. Petrohead

    The Skateboarding Thread

    I just finished hand painting this skateboard for my lil 8 year old buddy who skates. He said to me, "I want to have my own skateboard company one day" so I made him this board. His name is Bugg.
  8. Petrohead

    Man !! I feel old, My Daughter Is Eight!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Petrohead


    Woot! :lol:
  10. Petrohead


    Where was all the cool swag last year when I won!? :lol: Very cool for everyone to be so supportive this year. I am still looking for an old seat pan for the commemorative leather tooled seat plaque. Anyone...?
  11. Petrohead


    That is a loaded question my friend. Several ways. I am in the process of honing some tricks but you can rivet, sew, lace or stretch it using various techniques.
  12. Petrohead


    So as I promised I will make a trophy or plaque this year for the winner. I was thinking it might be cool to tool a leather seat commemorating the win but need a seat pan. I really only need the pan, not nessesarily the springs etc. If someone has one to donate it sure would make the process...
  13. Petrohead

    Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat -sell?

    Absolutely. Problem is its about 200 dollars for a good quality seat pan. Much more to invest than a bike seat. I have plans of working my way to that though. :lol:
  14. Petrohead

    Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat -sell?

    Yes I would be game for "made to order" seat. PM me...
  15. Petrohead

    Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat -sell?

    Re: Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat worth? To address the "is this a display or a riding seat" I must say that I have a few of these getting ridden daily for the last couple years and there is no sign of wear waht-so-ever. None. I think if yuo take minimal care (keep it oiled and...
  16. Petrohead

    Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat -sell?

    Re: Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat worth? Thanks for the compliments and the comments. The whole "materials X 1 or 1 and a half" is weird but I understand it.
  17. Petrohead

    Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat -sell?

    What can I sell this 1-of-a-kind leather tooled seat for? I know that is a loaded question. I also know the answer. "Whatever someone is willing to pay for it", right? Well I am just trying to get a feel for what the market might warrant for one of my tooled creations. I have days full of hours...
  18. Petrohead

    Where to get stencils?

    I make 'em. I own and operate a sign shop. I have several sets I designed already. I cut them from 3M paint mask as to leave a superior finish.
  19. Petrohead

    Seat cover ideas...

    Here are some seat covers I am in the process or have made already.... Leather hand tooled then either stretched around the pan (which is a bit difficult) or riveted or stitched on.
  20. Petrohead

    1935 Monark 5 BAR "Deluxe 6 Rat Racer"

    Sure hope I get a chance to participate. Have a lot going on so we will see :?: :?: :?: