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  1. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    ...yep, can't fool the bunnies :lol: :lol: :lol: I pretty much have all the components put together, its just a matter of doing the finishing touches and taking the pics.
  2. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    Ok, got the Sturmey Archer rear drum brakes laced, polished and painted...and freewheel added... old Brooks B66 saddle for my rumpage... ...some old school Maxy Cross cranks of course... more pics to come next week when I have time to work on it... 8)
  3. vibr8shun

    The Forward look... THE END!!!!!!

    Re: The Forward look... Cool fender...but that chainguard ROCKS!!! 8)
  4. vibr8shun

    Shakedown (Pin Striping done!!)

    Re: Shakedown Nice 8)
  5. vibr8shun

    Ten Tonne Tadpole (Overloading Policy)

    Are you going to use those forks? Love to see what kind of frog/prince this "Ten Tonne Tadpole" will turn into... :D sorry, I just couldn't resist. Nice start.
  6. vibr8shun


  7. vibr8shun

    The Dakota finished......

    Re: Late as Usual!! The Dakota Bandit Looks like a nice start :)
  8. vibr8shun

    El Moco Mojado

    I couldn't have said it better. :)
  9. vibr8shun

    ATOMIC PUNK - New camera time - August 8

    Re: LOW COMMOTION - New pics - May 6 Much better 8) love it
  10. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8 Tange BB came in todays mail and notice it didn't have that washer with the notch in I made my own... ...AAAAhhhhh perfect fit...
  11. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    ... primer-ed the frame and decided to cut off those brackets that the fenders attached to...because they were too damaged for my liking. ...rattle-canned it satin black...
  12. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    Down to bare metal...
  13. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    Thanks far i have a set of old school Sugino cranks, Dia Comp brakes, VDC cruiser handle bars, Sturmey Archer rear drum brakes (freewheel), 26" Schwinn King Sting forks, B66 Brooks Saddle, and 26" Araya 7x rims.
  14. vibr8shun

    Solid ST8

    Ok its been 2 years since my last build (been busy with work) and I'm finally throwing my hat in the ring with this awesome frame I bought from Rustmotors back in 2010. I'm going to build an era correct Klunker using this prewar Schwinn frame...and will "TRY" to use BMX components from the...
  15. vibr8shun

    Mash Banger "Last Act"

    Re: Cantilever +1 I agree, pretty sweet collection of frames ya got there, but the Grand Champion is verrrrry nice. 8)
  16. vibr8shun

    April!! bethelhem ride PA pics added

    Some artsy pics...I tried to load a video but my camera's battery wasn't fully charged and couldn't record properly :roll:
  17. vibr8shun

    April!! bethelhem ride PA pics added

    Re: April 17th!! bethelhem ride PA Yep that was fun...I was going to post some pics to day but I had to finish doing my taxes :x ....Great pics 8)
  18. vibr8shun

    April!! bethelhem ride PA pics added

    Re: April 17th!! bethelhem ride PA Cool, I have a Prewar Schwinn I'm kinda working on...but if I don't have it all together by then, I'll have to settle for my plan "B"...My old school 26" BMX cruiser. :roll: I work on that day, so I will be around 4'ish :roll:
  19. vibr8shun

    bikes you miss from your childhood and why?

    Mine would be an old CYC Stormer BMX. I've had a couple of bikes before this one but it was the first bike I bought with my own money I saved up from delivering newspapers as a kid... then after a growth spurt in high school, It was 26" bikes from then on.
  20. vibr8shun

    April!! bethelhem ride PA pics added

    Re: April 17th!! bethelhem ride PA At what time are ya thinking?