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  1. PedalBite

    Bagger style bikes!

    Here is my bagger in the very early stages. Still haven't mounted the 29x2.2 yet. I am still looking for a cheap black 29" wheel. I put the 700c on there to get a visual. now i need those "bags" off ebay and a front fender. Do you all think I should put a windshield on also?
  2. PedalBite

    Bagger style bikes!

    Those are perfect! They are the same size as bicycle panniers. Nice Find.
  3. PedalBite

    Bagger style bikes!

    I have a few ideas in the works. Another issue is time. Been extremely busy lately and will be for about 6 more months. If you look at photos of baggers the contour of the rear bags follow the fender perfect, so there is a ton of custom work involved. That's where your plaster idea is on point...
  4. PedalBite

    Bagger style bikes!

    I have always wanted to build one. The problem I have come across is the cool looking fiberglass or composite "bags". I do have a lot of the rest of the bike built.
  5. PedalBite

    71 Collegiate

  6. PedalBite

    Help with crank and BB

    Your LBS should have a few options but you can never go wrong with Park tools. Same goes with the crank arm puller, make sure you don't cross thread them and make sure it is threaded in all the way. I have seen people rip half the threads out because the tool wasn't threaded in all the way.
  7. PedalBite

    Help with crank and BB

    The Onyx doesn't have a seal cartridge bottom bracket. It has the old European set up with loose bearings. On the none drive side there will be a ring that threads over a cup which is threaded into the bottom bracket. Take the ring off the cup with pliers or put a screw driver in the notches and...
  8. PedalBite

    Painting Lines

    I found if you pull the tape to soon the paint runs into the line. If you pull it to late you will pull paint with it. Practice on something you don't care about and when you get it down then tape and paint your project. Make sure the tape is sticking. If it isn't all stuck down the paint will...
  9. PedalBite

    Unknown rear rack

    Is it for a 26" bike? Sometimes racks for 24" bikes are slightly different from the 26ers. It is a cool looking rack though. I haven't ever seen one of this flavor before.
  10. PedalBite

    Unknown rear rack

    I was going thru pictures of murrays and higgins and didn't come across anything of this variety. Now you got me wondering what it is. I will keep searching and if I find it I let you know.
  11. PedalBite

    Unknown rear rack

    To me it appears to be Murray built. In the 60s of course. In the 60s everything was going to the moon, bikes, appliances, cars, and anything else manufactures that you may need on the moon. I guess if I ever pedal to the moon it would be on nothing other than my Spaceliner.
  12. PedalBite

    I can't get my cranks loose!

    I have placed a rag over the hole on pedal side and tapped it with a hammer on both sides. I worked for me. May want to give it a cheap try. If it is real stuck tap it top and bottom and side to side.
  13. PedalBite

    A new vintage bike for the lil' lady! Finally DONE!!!!

    Who needs a repair stand when you have a sturdy box and a good imagination.;)
  14. PedalBite

    100 miles

    Breaking wind for 100 miles sounds painful:rofl:
  15. PedalBite

    Thought I would stop by and say hi.

    The easiest way to customize a bike is to take a picture of it with BEER;) I also have a custom built Townie. Great bikes to play around with. There is a lot you can do with them.
  16. PedalBite

    A new vintage bike for the lil' lady! Finally DONE!!!!

    When do we get to see the tank? The suspense is making me sick!
  17. PedalBite

    A new vintage bike for the lil' lady! Finally DONE!!!!

    And if it was my build I would go for option #2
  18. PedalBite

    A new vintage bike for the lil' lady! Finally DONE!!!!

    That fork is just to cool:cool2: This bike turned out awesome! I hope your lady likes it as much as I do. Great work.
  19. PedalBite

    Tell us of the treasure that you have found stuffed in handlebars...........

    I was reading a thread where a member found a cigar stuffed in the handlebars. I have found peanuts and firecrackers. Please share if you have found anything better or more interesting.
  20. PedalBite

    1950 Roadmaster Luxury Liner

    That cigar is so much better than the peanuts that I found stuffed inside some handlebars;) I wonder which one stayed more fresh over the years? Guess we will never know because I don't dare eat the peanuts.