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  1. Hsean

    Looking for Raleigh superbe parts

    Mainly interested in Chaingaurd and back rack. but wouldnt mind a nice condition headlight, mines all scratched needs to be in thaty brown color. I cant for the love of me find a back rack in brown. I mean I could paint one but finding already brown ones better. I have several green ones...
  2. Hsean

    Columbia Rambler 26' Rebuild

    I bought one of these from Walmart because I liked the frame design, gotta love them double top bar frames. also had disc tabs. Since its gonna be a ongoing build and changes why not make a build thingie here. This is the bike as its sold.
  3. Hsean

    Start of a Klunker from a Klunker

    I was at the local Walmart and oddly days before I was saying I wanted a Klunker. Well Walmart had these. A Columbia Rambler 26' wheels. even disk brake tabs on frame. and double top bar and 3 piece crankset. some of the things I wanted. wanted the threadless stem to but ill settle for...
  4. Hsean

    Rsw, Raleigh fireball, and some others bikes!

    Ive been abit quiet lately but I have got a few new bikes.these are said bikes Raleigh Fireball Raleigh RSW Raleigh Twenty Random bmx Raleigh lenton CCM Elan and sunsport
  5. Hsean

    CCM mustang and others

    I got these recently. Mustang was most recent. its in a sad state. headtube squished abit. I fixed it by hammering socket into it. paint under the black is great and black comesa off easy. missing stickshifter and fork. lots of potential. Also this Raleigh folder thats lovely.
  6. Hsean

    CCM Redbird

    Rides very nice too. I was thinking about useing this wheelset to rebuild into SA Drum hubs with 5 speed and getting a second of the same vintage set in better condition as the proper nice ones. Where do you find those nice wheels? Girls bikes. always such nice condition parts to be pillaged...
  7. Hsean

    CCM Redbird

    Just a humble CCM from the 30's
  8. Hsean

    Gazelle cruiser and others

    Ill look in the morning they are from a 80's kids 24' mountain bike
  9. Hsean

    Gazelle cruiser and others

    Got this gazelle for a really good deal, i wanted it for the wheels. Sturmey archer drum front and 5 speed drum rear? yes please! lol This piece was just down the road for free Nice hybrid from a scrapper I deal with. needs wheels Norco road bike
  10. Hsean

    Friend Found, But What Is It?

    If you cleaned it up and fixed it/new tires you might be able to get $250 to $300 for it its a older bike in fairly good condition. its got lighting and what not and its unique so it would be worth fixing up. I sell plenty of bikes like this. they sell well here anyway. lol
  11. Hsean

    Friend Found, But What Is It?

    Looks Raleigh built. they built bikes for many companeys. that looks like its a rebrand of the Raleigh model Sports.
  12. Hsean

    Some random bikes

    road bikes/hybrids aint my thing but why not. they seem to sell good. CCM Elan couple Small bianchi hybrid Large higher end Raleigh hybrid Sekine road bike Some bike im not sure what brand it is. any idea? CCM road bike with a odd bend in fork and stem. how does one make the fork...
  13. Hsean

    GT mountainbike

    At first i thought the rims where dirty lol but they are gold colored mavic. and all the parts are deore. it rides nice
  14. Hsean

    GT mountainbike

    Had a bike listed forsale. they wanted adiscount on mine so this was added as payment and some moneys to me. How could I say no lol its a delightful bike. Has deore just about everything.
  15. Hsean

    Raleigh Twenty

    It is fun. I did all the work to it but a few things. one crankarm is bent. the steertube also is and rear rim is needing replacing. really good condition besides that lol
  16. Hsean

    Raleigh Twenty

    It seems to be a 71' it was forsale but i offered a trade and it was accepted so It was a pretty good deal. lol
  17. Hsean

    Raleigh Twenty

    Been waiting to get one of these little guys. what more is its the none folding model with 20x1 3/8 wheels. also what i wanted. and even better it has the dyno system. headlights missing though. cant wait to get it all spiffed up!
  18. Hsean

    11 or so bikes

    look thats awesome. Would have to alter the gearing so it moved faster then a snail lol Half track bike!
  19. Hsean

    Naval Jelly Magic on 52 Hornet / 42 Roadmaster

    That bike has the same rust as Mine has. perfectly aged rust, i steel wooled the rough areas then wiped it down with used motoroil. looks like the outcome comes out looking the same. great way to get rid of motoroil slowly. lol
  20. Hsean

    11 or so bikes

    I got two more this morning lol. should keep me busy for a while. I even got the blower fired up. just needed carb clean. the auger dosnt work but its most likely a belt or something. selling all this should help me get my Big ripper. lol