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  1. Bendix

    Bianchi Nyala chain skipping

    Yep. Gee, it's almost as if the guy at the bike shop was right... :rolleyes:
  2. Bendix

    Rant: why I have trouble supporting the LBS

    I always tried to be patient with old bike guys, rat rodders, etc, because of my interest in old bikes. It was also acknowledged I was the most time efficient because I was fluent in 'Old Bike Guy', a dialect not everybody cares to master... But the facts are this is the smallest demographic...
  3. Bendix

    Best way to remove BB cups?

    Yeah, removing steel American style cups is not really something to overthink. I have no time for kid gloves, special tools, or excessive ingenuity. ;)
  4. Bendix

    Who has made a 1 1/8” steer tube fork work in a 1” head tube?

    That headset is pretty slick! Lots of new things since I originally hung around here! FWIW it fits "better quality" American head tubes like Schwinns. If you have a (sorry) cheaper old department store frame that would normally use the Wald 4080 headset, you can likely just press in 1 1/8"...
  5. Bendix

    PPE for bike building

    I wore shop aprons for years, then Bucky in the 'Get Fuzzy' comic started giving Rob grief for his "half-dress"... I kinda miss the pockets, but now I change into a Carhartt work shirt when I get to the shop. :21: (Actually at the same time my aprons were wearing out anyway, and I didn't like...
  6. Bendix

    Where can I find cable ends for brake cables?

    I dunno about those UK parts, typically if somebody describes it as 'BMX' I would expect the larger diameter...
  7. Bendix

    Where can I find cable ends for brake cables?

    The 'end button' in the OP is what we used to call a "Phillips" style. The bell shaped end buttons used to only have the one larger step down and were called "Weinmann" style. Nowadays distributors typically only stock the "universal" style- a Weinmann with a second smaller step down to fit the...
  8. Bendix

    Interesting stem shifters.

    I like those shifters. Make me feel like I should be drawing a cold one for somebody... ;)
  9. Bendix

    I need to know what the exact purpose of this system is.

    See something new every day!
  10. Bendix

    refinishining headset parts?

    Wire wheel on your bench grinder.
  11. Bendix

    Trek Cruiser classic

    I often thought a few of the Trek cruisers had potential for being made into something cool when we would get them in BITD... That one has a nice fork! Knobbies, Surly Sunrise handlebar, drum front brake,.... (Just thinking out loud... ;) )
  12. Bendix

    Bendix 2 Speed Copy...

    You might like this-
  13. Bendix

    any shooters in the group??

    An unchanged reminder of the good ol' days. That Marlin 60 is the kind of gun we used to keep on the rifle rack in the rear window of our trucks, parked on the main streets of Western Colorado, unlocked, windows down, keys in the ignition, and never gave it a second thought!
  14. Bendix

    any shooters in the group??

    One of my favorite Youtube gun guys, 'Mixup98' has a good (positive) video on the 60. Sounds like a great value, and probably an even better value second hand!
  15. Bendix

    NOS Dyno Von Franco

    Sorry, just a quick phone shot in the garage this morning. Some of those girls were really pretty !
  16. Bendix

    Reviving Track Racing?

    A 30 degree saddle provides "greatest thrust." Who knew?
  17. Bendix

    Store your used bike parts...

    I started using old file cabinets after seeing a pic of somebody else's storage. He used to be around here, into klunkers. "41DX" or something? I think. Watch Craigslist and you can often get them for free, in the digital age they have no real value and folks are usually just glad to be rid of...
  18. Bendix

    Reviving Track Racing?

    I seem to remember seeing something about British riders making craters from WW2 German bombings into banked dirt bicycle racing tracks after the war... (?) Oh, here it is. "Cycle Speedway". Not craters, just tracks through the rubble of bombed cities in that era. Well, I was close... ;-)...
  19. Bendix

    Origins of Mountain Bike Geometry and more with Will Clauson and the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

    Joe Breeze sketch of his Schwinn frame geometry that he applied to Breezer #1...
  20. Bendix

    Electra "klunker style" kids bikes...

    Not meaning to spam or anything, but I was just browsing closeouts on the Electra dealer site and the 20" Moto 1 and Moto 3i are marked down. WAY DOWN. Still pretty good availability if you want your dealer to check on getting one for you... ;-)