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  1. InTheFade

    Xmas Bike

    Looks like a prop out of some christmas movie... It looks really good.. Love the old Coke crate.
  2. InTheFade

    Any model builders here?

    I used to build models for Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine when i was in highschool up until about 1998... Here are a few i still have sitting in a cabinet i built in the mid 90s. Never had a judge even mention that fiberglass doesnt rust... haha..
  3. InTheFade

    Questions for you guys that use eBay

    I would contact the seller and tell him you feel like the item was misrepresented before going the complaint route through paypal. A couple months ago i purchased a seat that had what i thought to be decent pics in the auction and the description said that the seat just needed to be recovered...
  4. InTheFade

    Tank bike Trifecta!

    Great finds... Thats the first time ive seen a chrome super delta deluxe light... Pretty sweet.
  5. InTheFade

    military bobber

    badbitty Delta winner lights were used on military bikes but not sure its the look your going for. I think a ball light painted Olive drab would look pretty cool. I think I saw one in the for sale section.
  6. InTheFade

    military bobber

    Re: badbitty That is sweet... love the military themed bicycles. Hey Badbitty, what kind of chain is that?
  7. InTheFade

    '38 Roadmaster Alaska

    Great Pic!
  8. InTheFade


    Cool story and very cool bike... :D
  9. InTheFade

    Dad's HotRod Schwinn

    Sweet bicycle... Any idea what kind of rear rack that is?
  10. InTheFade

    Hawthorne to WWII Service Bicycle - Re-engineered as a Trike

    Re: Hawthorne to WWII Service Bicycle Wow, wish i had seen that sooner... Thats a great price!
  11. InTheFade

    Hawthorne to WWII Service Bicycle - Re-engineered as a Trike

    Re: Hawthorne to WWII Service Bicycle Cant believe i just found this thread. Im in the middle of a similar westfield columbia build... Great progress so far, looks great! -Ed
  12. InTheFade

    1938 Hiawatha Arrow in S.F.

  13. InTheFade

    Removing powder coat...

    Yeah, that's what I had heard. Would have done that but the powder coat was almost a day glow green color. I kept picturing me getting a nick or scratch in the new paint and the green showing through.
  14. InTheFade

    Mae's Columbia (Finally starting up again)

    Re: Mae's Columbia (Starting on the Wheels) Awesome progress so far... Love the wood carrier... Great idea!
  15. InTheFade

    Making My Own Head Badges

    Great Turorial, Thanks! I didnt notice anyone else mention this but PC Board etching solution that is available at radioshack will do the same thing to brass and copper as the muriatic. Also is slightly less dangerous to work with... However you still want to have good ventalation and wear...
  16. InTheFade

    forgotten but not lost

    Great shot!
  17. InTheFade

    Does anyone make a 26" rim with a Brass Hub??

    An even cheaper option if you dont want to spend the money replating and relacing your rims... Duplicolor has some great clear colors meant to be sprayed over chrome that will give you the brass/yellow anodized look without worrying about it ozidizing etc...
  18. InTheFade

    Show us your Cars!

    Not too bad... General maintenance is not too bad and its fairly easy to work on, so thats a plus.
  19. InTheFade

    Show us your Cars!

    My 81' DMC-12... Will trade for 32 pickup :wink:
  20. InTheFade

    Removing powder coat...

    Been struggling with a frame that had been powdercoated and a pair of old BMX rims that were powdercoated black but were chipping. I comtemplated sandblasting the frame but they wanted like $75-$125 depending on how long it took them to get the old coating off. I decided to give some furniture...