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  1. CCR

    First bikeride in years.

    It was this thread from a while back, most the pics are gone, but the guy was trying to figure out what size the bike was and someone suggested to use the cats for scale lol
  2. CCR

    First bikeride in years.

    What ever happened to the "measuring with cats" thread? Hoping its not completely lost in photobucket, sure has been a minute though for sure. Glad to see you doing well and good Ricksterr!
  3. CCR

    RRBBO13 Beaux Perdant

    Agreed... my first thought was how cool those fenders would look turned into front and rear fender lights. Will be watching!
  4. CCR

    Question about choice of base...

    The whole idea is just to have fun building a bike. If that's where you wanna start, I've got no complaints.
  5. CCR

    RRB BO 13 Discussion Thread....feeling lucky?

    Need to move a couple bikes out to make room but I hope to get back into the swing of things this go round. Looking forward to it :D
  6. CCR

    Help with Tire Choices.............. Klunker Style

    I'm a fan of the old Knobbies like RatRod posted. I've got a pair of Kenda K-Rad 26x2.3 that I really like too, smooth on pavement but tread comparable to a knobby tire. I think they make them in 1.95 up to 3" wide, even seen skin wall and white letter too if you look hard enough. I like them...
  7. CCR

    Latest predator 212cc build

  8. CCR

    Late 60s Sears......but what?

    Typically saw these with some sort of "liner" attached to them. Usually saw them labeled as flightliner around here and starliner with more bells and whistles (springer fork)
  9. CCR

    1923 Davis truss rod bracket (Found)

    I would think someone could drill and grind that pattern out of the right size piece of flat stock no problem if you're in a pinch.
  10. CCR

    Green Stingray Fork / Chaingaurd

    Looking for a green chaingaurd and 20" fork to get a project rolling again. Original paint with wear and tear preferred.
  11. CCR


    So... who all is buying one? I dont think the price is bad, mainly just for robbing parts for a rider. $100 worth of tires, a $50 sissy bar, a $75 fork. If it's the same seat as the rest of them it wont last more than a few rides around the block to get a nick or tear in it.
  12. CCR

    Swing Bike value ?

    $250 is a good price, actually the hard to get piece is missing, the oddball seat post. Easy to fab or make due without though. If it was me i would go with a single speed, that kickback will switch gears pretty often if your trying to do tricks much. Those blue bands are harder to find...
  13. CCR

    This weird "reserved" trend

    I usually skip the threads that do this. I guess I didn't really give it much thought before, but I'm pretty sure I really despise it deep inside now ... Thanks :D
  14. CCR

    MT The Fox BMX

    Frame looks bent near the steering tube...
  15. CCR

    Schwinn Predator Freeform Z

    Had a white version, got 250ish out of it. Pretty basic parts on a sorta simple freestyle frame with an uncommon rear brake that didn't work all that great or get used on much else. Really cool survivor though, would make a great rider.
  16. CCR


    Still a fan of the Genuine bikes here too.
  17. CCR

    Big box twin bar

    Pretty much what Randy said ...
  18. CCR

    I've got blisters...

    Got to love the loop tails. I always loved those Colson badge too, cool lettering.
  19. CCR

    Who would you vote for if...

    I can say if it doesn't place towards the top, I would be stealing "deven science's "8-ply" while everyone was distracted at the ribbon ceremony.
  20. CCR


    Looks like Rudge