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  1. jats

    Fire arrow, 2nd try...

    super build!!
  2. jats

    Supercharged Gasser

    cool ride Dude!
  3. jats

    Columbia Convertible Commuter *FINISHED*

    I do love the 700's Remman!!
  4. jats

    MotoDromo Special II : New video! with ride...

  5. jats


    but it looks so cool !!!!
  6. jats

    (BOTEN) "OUTLAW" ...Withdrawn from the build-off...

    lovin the vids! design is uber cool also can't wait to see the front end done!!!! T
  7. jats


    you gonna bunny hop it?
  8. jats


    looks cool!!
  9. jats

    Compax Traveler

    folders are so cool!!
  10. jats

    Rot-Ten Colson Calling it done

    dang lovin the frame and parts!!!!!! Troy
  11. jats


    nice baby dude!! builds looking cool also!
  12. jats

    ☣☢ VerBoten ☠ϟ - Elgin Twin Evanaction Build - Big Butt Strikes Again!!

    cool handle bar Idea! as always cool looking build!!
  13. jats

    B0-X----- WEENIE WAGON -----B0-X

    hey funk! the end of the month is very close!!!! am excited about seeing this thing built
  14. jats

    Space Patrol Bike

    this is looking cool so far love the start bike
  15. jats

    FENIX- Finished!

    even your cardboard work is cool!
  16. jats

    Anyone else planning for BOTEN (RRBBO#10) yet?

    had to hunt around to find a pic. this is what he looked like when he was retired as my mountain and turned into a Motorized bike. will be rethinking the roller cam that I added on in 84 and the only other mod were also done in 84-85, replaced the rear
  17. jats

    Anyone else planning for BOTEN (RRBBO#10) yet?

    thinking of redoing my old king sting, or the jet fire,,,,, nah King Sting for sure!! Troy
  18. jats

    (WBO) Bhuzzard

    love this ride Ren! as always great work!!!
  19. jats

    (WBO) SGT. ROCK finished (for now)

    cool job!!