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  1. arty dave

    Dyno Bike pics

    Thanks Starnger
  2. arty dave

    Dyno Bike pics

    Sorry my phone takes very average photos... I've been slowly re-building this Glide Deluxe, I picked up a 3 speed nexus wheelset from a wrecked Electra womens cruiser, added fat franks (removed the logo), replaced original sun damaged saddle and trashed grips. Stripped down, polished & all...
  3. arty dave

    SOLD 1951 Raleigh Clubman 3-Speed Road Bike

    Very nice!
  4. arty dave

    Rad Rot Bikes

    I know you used those 3" Aerovane tires on a past build (a cruiser with a one-off tank you made, I think?), but are they still available anywhere?
  5. arty dave


    Duplicolor? ...I've used their candy red over silver & it looks awesome like this This is gonna be a great ride with the drums :)
  6. arty dave

    Mondo Shock

    Love it! Can we see some shots of it in different backgrounds for voting?
  7. arty dave


    This turned out great! I love how the horn looks like it's curling out of the stem, cool! Nice photo for voting too, great angle, and the background shows off all the colours nicely
  8. arty dave

    glide deluxe

    Niiiice... apart from the handlebars it's all there, all original. Still have mine in pieces from moving house.
  9. arty dave

    First blood...

    I am just checking back in on this... wow! Turned out great! Is it still running well?
  10. arty dave

    Trouble this ad ok?

    That's awesome! Well done on the sale price too : ) It's always a cool ending with this kind of story. I regret most of my sales too lol ...and yet another one soon comes along promising more ...a better fit ...shinier or rarer parts :crazy: ...or even the Holy Grail on the wish list!
  11. arty dave


    Wow! They're really not expensive at all. But we're meant to be frugal at the moment. Dammit. Maybe I can get them delivered to a friends house...
  12. arty dave

    Slingshot stem - How to stop bars slipping?

    Nice suggestion Horsefarmer, I think that's a winner. Matti T I'll try to remember to post a pic when I can, I'm having tech issues at the moment, stoopid phone grrrr!
  13. arty dave

    Slingshot stem - How to stop bars slipping?

    Hiy'all - Anyone got any tricks or tips? I don't have any bars that 'officially' fit - but then we don't take too kindly to officially round hereabouts anyways. I know you can buy a knurling tool but they're not in my budget for a one-off. Although now that I'm typing this all out , maybe I...
  14. arty dave


    Man diggin those bars with the frame and slingshot and forks and... Where did you find those bars anyway? Always liked them, and their Italian cousin the Condorino
  15. arty dave

    Trouble this ad ok?

    I agree, good bike, Raleigh Sports are a great ride, also agree with the strikes against. You could hold out for that price and someone may eventually bite. It's a shame coz it's such a classic, looks perfect, and prolly rides perfect too. Or you could keep hold of the brooks and other more...
  16. arty dave

    Having Custom Playing Cards Made is Cheap

    Cool, where do you get the cards printed?
  17. arty dave

    Strange Dark

    Jeebers man, sorry to hear about your tools... I've really enjoyed seeing your builds. If you're anything like me you'll just keep building anyway with whatever you can find lying around. Adjustable spanner? check! Screwdriver? check!
  18. arty dave

    First blood...

    That is a cool frame! I really like the handlebar exhaust pipe, sweeeeet! So cool you're back to building this... where in the world are you?