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  1. RobSmith

    Felt fatty cruiser...

    I'm still in the market for one of these Felt Speedways. Particularly the newer, 2 speed model that has the flat track bars pictured in the top photo! Rob
  2. RobSmith

    Needed: Speedway/Track style handlebars.

    Those don't look bad at all, Moto! I'd seriously consider buying them, but they are coming from Shanghai. I've had a couple bad experiences getting stuff from China off eBay. But I'll do a similar search and keep it to the US. Might get lucky. Thanks man!
  3. RobSmith

    Needed: Speedway/Track style handlebars.

    Thanks Moto, That is kind of what I was trying to do with these bars (pictured) I got last week. After installing them, and the stem - it's not quite the look I wanted...
  4. RobSmith

    Needed: Speedway/Track style handlebars.

    Thanks Mike. I looked at the site. Not exactly what I was hunting for, but closer than most others. Appreciate the link up. Rob
  5. RobSmith

    Needed: Speedway/Track style handlebars.

    Hey guys, Just bought a Felt El Guapo (Monster edition), and I'm looking to change out the bars for something akin to those on a Speedway (see pic). If you have anything laying around that you think would work, let me know and send a pic! Thanks, Rob
  6. RobSmith

    Diamond Back unfinished project

    Looks like a pretty cool build. What size do you think that frame is?
  7. RobSmith

    Was wanted: Felt Speedway

    Update: I found a Felt Monster (ElGuapo) bike locally. It'll do. Cheers! Rob Hey guys. I have a Felt El Nino, but now find the Need for Speed(way). Obviously, they haven't been sold since '17 - but I'm hoping one of you guys will have one and be willing to sell it. Rob
  8. RobSmith


    2016 Felt El Niño. Slightly modded
  9. RobSmith

    Gripping changes to the El Niño...

    Just decided to "make" better grips for my fat bike. Had some 550 cord laying around, and going with the mantra of "If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is..." I just wrapped the 550 cord over the existing cloth grip tape...really tightly. Used an old method from my demo days when tying quad...
  10. RobSmith

    Fair Weather Rat Rodder...

    Deor, Dude, I was THIS close -| |- To buying the Walbike. Knowing that I'd do exactly like most other guys - and within a short time I'd have more in to parts and 'sessories than the bike cost. I just took a short cut. The Felt has atually slowed me down though, I get stopped daily by...
  11. RobSmith

    Fair Weather Rat Rodder...

    Hey, I'm Rob. I never even THOUGHT needing a rat rod, fat bike, or any other non-go fast bike...until I bought a single speed to ride the bike trail, and basically gave up my road bike (a super nice Basso frame with Campy components). So - I took the single speed (a $600 Mongoose grey thing)...
  12. RobSmith

    Felt Speedway

    Gig, The Felt Fat Bikes are awesome. I was looking at the Speedway, but decided on the El Niño. Had to paint it, and I REALLY liked the bars from the Speedway (do you know where I can get some :) ? -So I found a set of bars on Amazon, cut them down to fit, painted them AND the bike...and...