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  1. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    There you go can design the platform of the step through frame low enough to make it easy. And I love my "comfy seat" too!
  2. Laurie Thom


    Big thanks to RatRod for the site, and to Luke for the work on this build off. Congratulations to Funkme for an AWESOME bike! Thank you Carl. I could not have said it better.
  3. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Well thank you very much SilverkingPC. As a Mom, I am very pleased. Maybe you should build your mom a trike. ;)
  4. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Thanks guys! I have to thank Troy for allowing me to design the build without to many "Frowns of Doubt". ;) He likes "plastic pink Flamingos" and I like "Zen rock gardens". This was a lot of fun. I am looking for a Summer Build to up the ante of my skill level! Just a little! I...
  5. Laurie Thom


    (WBO) A Roch by Mama Jats Link to build-off thread:
  6. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Well the Roch is done! First ride was to the market! This is gonna be a blast to ride around town. Of course, Jats is pushing for me to motorize. This was a real test of my limited skills but I am pleased.
  7. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Hi all... I have been painting and now starting to assemble. Here is the "bridge" piece between the fork and the conversion piece. Everything is starting to come together. I am hoping to be done in about a week!
  8. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    So check this out...the main drive gear is also splined and not bolted on. It is held in place by the crank arm. Each side of the crank arms are definitely handed. Just like my carders ...there is a left only and a right only.
  9. Laurie Thom


    I would like to sponsor a prize. Calling it the Elementary Award for the a simple and elegant build. This will simply be a trophy! I will post a pic of the trophy after I get it mounted for display.
  10. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    o_O tools? OH the tools you left out. Gotcha! So I broke the trike down...and I am starting on paint. I ditched the welding idea all together. I designed something a bit more simple to execute and gives more versatility. So here is an interesting find for me. A weird bottom bracket...
  11. Laurie Thom

    (WBO2015) 1910 INDIAN Board Track - COMPLETED

    Love the tires! Looking forward to seeing at come together! Laurie
  12. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    He was very lucky and he just has to rest the eye and use some antibiotic cream. Had to stay home for a couple of days. Thank you for asking Luke!
  13. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Ok finally posting pics. Got interrupted by JATS need to visit the ER where they extracted a piece of metal from his left eye. Safety goggles work great but not if you have slivers of metal on your hands and you decide to wipe your eye before washing those hands. So here is a pic JATS took...
  14. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Ok, so just checking in while on break at work. I will post some pics later today. Got the trike adapter and the frame put together and aligned. I am going to have to have JATS give me a crash course in some welding for extension supports to stabilize the trike to the main frame. Have a...
  15. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Thank you! I love trikes and am really excited about getting this one completed. One of my first memories is getting stompin' mad at the guy who rented a room downstairs from my parent. He took out my cool squeaky sound as I rode around in the basement. He was trying to sleep since he worked...
  16. Laurie Thom

    (WBO) A Roch FINISHED!!!!

    Hi all, I have decided that I will be able to complete my trike, Roch. I changed the front of the bike with a 1970's Tsundae for more stability... more of a workhorse. I really like the chain guard's simplicity and possible palette for some art work. So here is the mock-up for an...
  17. Laurie Thom


    Very impressive everyone. I have been lurking. Mama JATS
  18. Laurie Thom

    VOTE HERE!!!

    Voted. I am so impressed by everyone's this year. Was a difficult choice!
  19. Laurie Thom

    Avatrike 1980 Schwinn Town and Country Trike (It's the little things that make me happy)

    Ahhhh just quality assurance testing the tool....:grin:!
  20. Laurie Thom

    Let the Trike builders unite...

    Just checking in and ya'll are doing some awesome work. I have the trike apart and have started cleaning the parts.