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  1. Galtbacken


    It's supposed to be "your"... :roll:
  2. Galtbacken


    I've been waiting for another one of you projects! :) I too will be watching!
  3. Galtbacken

    B frame

    Looking great!
  4. Galtbacken


    Hey guys! :) Haha, speedbump! :lol: Thanks sensor, I'm doing great! Hope you are too! Haven't done anything on the Whippet since last summer, but I plan on doing some more on it this summer when school work slows down. The bands have been taking up some of the time but I've also been building...
  5. Galtbacken

    kite´s stainless steel cruiser

    Beautiful bike! Looks like your next build will look just as splendid! :)
  6. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Haha, well I'm a little restricted in my ability to do that too. :lol:
  7. Galtbacken

    Social Deviation

    Cool! :) What do you think of painting the chainguard similar to the tank?
  8. Galtbacken

    Belt Drive on Customaxxx Roar

    Very cool! Great work! :)
  9. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate it! :) Some things I can't do: Play the guitar, juggle, skijump, solve complicated problems on strength of materials (need to get on top of that before october 31), keep my car in mint condition, go to sleep at reasonable hours, TIG-weld, do the...
  10. Galtbacken

    Social Deviation

    The paint looks great! Eager to see the bike put together! I think that the different paint scheme on the rear fender will be a nice touch that'll complement the rest of the bike. How did you make that silver pattern? Masking tape, a sharp knife and lots of patience? :)
  11. Galtbacken

    Trinidad Colorado New Chainring

    Re: Trinidad Colorado Bike She's a Roller! You build such cool bikes! I especially like those struts under the seat. :)
  12. Galtbacken

    Restoring a ladies Hawthorne dumpster find (Updated 10/5/11)

    Great job! The bike turned out looking top notch! Classic elegance. :)
  13. Galtbacken

    70's Huffy into 30's Streamliner - Tentative name 'Aerith'

    That looks amazing! Very nice idea for making trim!
  14. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Thanks buddy! :) When they test rode the bikes around the block and I could see the smiles on their faces I drew a breath of relief. :lol: Now I'm finally ready for some drum building! ;)
  15. Galtbacken

    Savage Arrow Finale

    Beautiful bike! Congratulations on the trophy!
  16. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Hare are the photos of the finished bikes. :) Mr. Mrs. Both together. Project done! :) Thank you for your interest everybody, more builds to come next summer!
  17. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    UnDerzon3: Hope you've got the materials you need by now! It's been a long wait for you. I usually try to not be the least dependent on others as possible for my projects, so that it's not hindered by thing that others are supposed to do, but I guess since your build is a school project your...
  18. Galtbacken

    ۞ S-Koot ۞

    Very cool build!! :) I vote for the colour combo with the grey primer. Looks great!
  19. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Thanks, nice to hear you like the saddle! :) UnDerzon3: Cool bike you've built there! The Fairlady that I built last year started out as the 3-speed version of that same bike. :) I'm following your school project build. Looks like a fun project, keep it up! :) Gdcast: The cajon is a fantastic...
  20. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Thanks guys, glad you like the bikes so far! :) I apologise for the late reply, lots of studying now that I'm back at the university again. Gdcast: Yeah, it's easier with that brush. At least to make long lines. For the outlines on the logo I used an ordinary worn out watercolour brush. Seemed...