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    Motorcycle-style headlight, anyone?

    i like the speedo in headlight look; i think this is from a Puch. of course thats a tach but whatever it came on had a speedo. its got an odd sized 4.5" bulb in it, so its not too bulbous looking

    Stainless Scrapper

    supposedly-- i've never tried it-- you can fill stainless tube with sand to keep it from folding when you try to bend it. funny, some stainless is really easy to work, then the next piece will be some different alloy that is impossible to cut without a plasma cutter, won't bend without cracking...

    Lowrider build

    nice job!

    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    wow. someone has a serious triumph addiction. there is no cure for this disease. awesome build.

    Super Fueler

    this is gonna be cool...

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    '61 ES125. got it on eBay, it was a gutted single pickup husk that someone had stripped with paint remover and they slopped it up pretty good. i routed it for a bridge pickup and got a real luthier to clear coat it with nitro and re-glue the top and back which were separating. it plays like a dream.

    New member looking for ideas. How would you convert my custom frame to electric?

    i have not ridden it in the rain. it doesn't have enough power to break traction on dry pavement. honestly, i haven't used it except around my neighborhood, so i can't say anything about range. there's plenty of YouTube reviews on the different motors.

    New member looking for ideas. How would you convert my custom frame to electric?

    i have a low powered one on my bike. it's more of an uphill assist. i don't think you will have any problems as long as you're careful with the throttle, if you go with a very powerful motor. i would be more concerned about wheelies with a powerful rear hub motor, but then I've never tried one.

    New member looking for ideas. How would you convert my custom frame to electric?

    they make front hub motors with disc brakes. that way you could keep your 7 speed hub.
  10. 69SHOVLHED

    Ape History Talk?

    2¢: Bobbers were first because the old flat heads had low compression and didn't make much power; if you wanted to go faster you cut, trimmed, lightened, and removed anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. from what i gather, the guys out in Cali started adding styling like long forks and...
  11. 69SHOVLHED

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Franken 7 made from a Jackson plywood body and an Indonesian neck. got Duncan nazgul and sentient 'buckers, and a fairly hot single coil. i also wired in coilsplit and polarity switches. even though its a cheapo neck, it feels great to my hand.
  12. 69SHOVLHED

    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    just saw this thread! cool stuff! this is a warmoth strat i assembled and my '62 Ampeg "Big M". Bubinga neck, ebony board, swamp ash chambered body with a zebra top. got a pull switch in the tone knob to split the 'buckers.
  13. 69SHOVLHED

    Phoenix. New toy.

    rides like a real chopper??? you mean its dangerous and handles like a grand piano??? rides rough and pogos like crazy around corners??? just kidding, it looks absolutely awesome!!!
  14. 69SHOVLHED

    62 SchwinnTiger 24"

  15. 69SHOVLHED

    62 SchwinnTiger 24"

    yes 24" stingray. i'm 6' 1" and i fit good on my 24" Schwinn. i did buy a 'nanner seat for a 26" because the 20" seat is too short and doesn't look right on the larger frame. apes come in so many sizes it won't be hard to find some that are comfy for you.
  16. 69SHOVLHED

    Schwinn built-in kickstands?

    i only had a kickstand from a varsity and it was too long. heated it with a torch and bent it to the right length and cut off the excess. worked out great. all the needed bits are on ebay if you can't find a donor locally.
  17. 69SHOVLHED

    New Schtandart for my brother

    your frames are amazing. if anyone makes nicer frames, it is on a different planet.
  18. 69SHOVLHED

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    i'm kinda surprised i didn't. beer weed and high speeds are not a good combination. felt good at the time though... nowhere near as fast as a rice bike, but handles only slightly better than a grand piano, and pogos like a bi--- on corners.
  19. 69SHOVLHED

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    thanks, yeah i made or cobbled together most of the parts on it. kick only though and i'm getting too old for that. probably have to sell it soon...
  20. 69SHOVLHED

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    tank is from some off-brand bike from ebay. 24" wheels. i built it for a beach bike; if my heart surgery is a success i will be riding it next summer for sure.