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  1. highship

    Collector looking to buy or trade for muscle bike shifters. Whatchya got??

    I have these, all NOS and I have multiples of each. Let me know if any of them interest you.
  2. highship

    worksman trike

    i had the same trike at one point and i believe it was all original when i got it. it had the same set up as yours, a front caliper and a front drum. the caliper brake had a lever on it that had a built in parking brake type thing, you could lock the brake. if you search worksman trike post by...
  3. highship

    what do you think?

    thanks for the advice everyone. i will do as you suggest. ill keep you posted on how it goes.
  4. highship

    what do you think?

    lets try this...
  5. highship

    what do you think?

    i have got this bike listed on cl and im getting some real low ball offers... from a parts stand point am i out of line? seem to be having an issue with links and photos so if you would be so kind check out craigslist id 4913141361. id love to know what you all think. should i pull it apart and...
  6. highship

    NERRB Summer of 2015 Events Thread!

    im in for the summer northampton ride
  7. highship

    Does anyone know what this bracket is??

    nice accessories Gary! want to sell a pair of the parade struts?
  8. highship

    Bike ID Grandfather's Bike

    im thinking a colson...
  9. highship

    Hello Angels.

    looks like a huffy
  10. highship

    How in the world does this happen????

    are the bars rusted out too? i wonder if there were pads on there that held in the moisture and started it all?
  11. highship

    Real world Bike stand opinions.....

    there is a pcs1 on the new haven cl for 100$ not sure if its great or not though...
  12. highship

    Fastback questions???

    post a picture of the scooter
  13. highship

    Dudley Mass. Thanksgiving Swap- 11/24

    how come you guys only want my good stuff :lol:
  14. highship

    Dudley Mass. Thanksgiving Swap- 11/24

    i was thinking of offering an iver truss bridge for trade any one interested and have a cool trade? prewar tank bike maybe?
  15. highship

    American Flyer

    good grab brian i almost jumped on that one the price was right
  16. highship

    girls bike are they valueable as i think

    not sure what the market is like there in omaha but here in western ma i would be lucky to get 50 bucks. being 24" doesn't help...
  17. highship

    What is happening to TV?

    who needs tv with netflix
  18. highship

    Elgin Falcon

    x2 been wanting one for a while...