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    Personal VenVetta

    Sorry to say, due to personal reasons I will be leaving the site and not competing in the final voting, thank you Ratrodbikes community!
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    Sorry to announce due to personal reasons I will be leaving the site and not finishing this build. Enjoyed you guys, thanks!
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    Chopper X

    Sorry to announce this but for personal reasons I will be leaving the site and not participating further in this build off, appreciate all the comments on my stuff and enjoyed my time here, thanks!
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    Show off your Chrome frame bike!

    J-Shooter love the chainring , guard and those SimWork tires. Love it all. I’m a fan of baskets also. Nice Worksman
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    Rough Dayton Huffman Twin flex frame

    Wow that motor is crazy! Funny you’d say that about putting motor in it. The guy who gracious got it for me, thought it was from some kind of moped/whizzer. Like the visual of a riveted tank. Not a motor guy, but it would make killer motorized ride, but for me I’d never go that route with this.
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    Carving a Brooks

    I have B-17’s on a lot of bikes and have contemplated doing this also, but never have. Thanks for starting this thread eager to learn myself
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    Rough Dayton Huffman Twin flex frame

    Thanks again for voicing you opinion. Since your suggestion, I’m pretty sure I’m going to listen to you and just paint /powdercoat the suspension pieces. It really is looking like silver/black crinkle finish the more I clean. And it looks different from bare metal frame on “ Loopy” my build off...
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    Thanks for the kind words Tallbikeman, appreciate it. The bar was set really high early, so I had to really think about what I could do to hopefully standout. Glad I succeeded in your eyes.
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    Rough Dayton Huffman Twin flex frame

    Another 4- 5 hrs cleaning
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    That’s hilarious! Thanks for posting.
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    Rough Dayton Huffman Twin flex frame

    I’d like to say I’ve never bead basted or powder coated a frame before and I’ve had and have many bikes. Like OG best, but frames I’ve stripped to bare metal I do it all by hand ( I know I’m crazy). I’m a very good rattle can painter but thats it! This bike deserves better, I ride almost...
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    Didn’t realize this was a build off to break speed records, better eat some pizza and go back to the drawing board.
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    Rough Dayton Huffman Twin flex frame

    Id like to respond to your comment again. I can tell you and I think alike. I got people calling this frame a “ rust bucket” and a “ Sh——y” looking frame? This is “ Ratrodbikes “ by the way people. I Don’t get people putting fake patina on new bikes and stripping nice “Real patina” off old. You...
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    1979 Schwinn Spitfire

    Did a few final cosmetic touches. Put on new black grips with blue anodized rings. Took off the faux spray painted anodizing on seat post clamp and removed rear reflector with faux anodizing on bracket. Love these wald 898 bars, by far my favorite cruiser bars.
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    Thanks so much for compliment, I’m pretty proud of that badge. Told wife I thought best thing I’ve done in a while. Like a lot of things thought about bagging idea glad I didn’t. Happy with all the likes, was unsure how Loopy in this form would fair with viewers. I liked, wasn’t sure others...
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    1937 Elgin Oriole

    I agree with you completely RustyGold
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    Rough Dayton Huffman Twin flex frame

    Just finishing bare metal build and working on another. Good idea but not direction I’m going with this bike, appreciate the input.
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    Now I’m waiting on copper insert decal, finishing it, installing a new black headset then hooking up the front brake. Then I’ll have another build in the book. I earlier had stated ordering Schwalbe Magic Mary’s. I had severe problems getting them, my build changed direction. The yellow...