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  1. MaddMatt

    Rat Rod Gas Tanks On The Cheap

    Dude, this is awesome. It reminds me of when people use beer kegs for gas tanks on hotrods.
  2. MaddMatt

    16" child's bike. Need help identifying.

    Found this children's bike here in Tucson. It has a Centrix coaster brake hub made in west germany. The tank and seat tube can be moved to convert to a girls bike. Has solid rubber tires. No other markings other then "coaster brake" on the chain guard and a serial number hand stamped on the...
  3. MaddMatt

    Need bicycle art for local charity promo

    Here in Tucson every november we have a HUGE bike race. El Tour De Tucson, 109 miles, across the various Arizonan dessert. People come from around the world for this race. There is a few shorter sections of the race as well. 109 mile, 68 mile, 35 mile, and a 12 mile kiddie cruise. We're...
  4. MaddMatt

    '57 Chevy BelAir Bike

    no idea. i'm sure you can find something on google if you dig enough
  5. MaddMatt

    soap box racers.....gravity powered

    take a look at these designs. There are some pretty good photos of the construction and most of these guys get up to speeds of 40+ mph on bicycle tires. It's a myspace page so you'll have to have one to view the photos. Also check out the videos at...
  6. MaddMatt

    soap box racers.....gravity powered

    through my experience, trike based gravity racers are extremely dangerous. SFVISBF has the most lax rules out of everyone and the trike design was the first to get an official ban. The problem with trike designs is the handling. When your reach about 25-35 mph and try to turn the weight...
  7. MaddMatt

    Gaskill's Hop Shop: "THE GET LUCKY"

    Re: "THE GET LUCKY" Great innovation. I love the ribs, may have to borrow that idea in the future. It's no fun to build something safe, you have to have the possiblity of being maimed!!! p.s. Your headlight made me laugh.
  8. MaddMatt


    Look at how close that was!
  9. MaddMatt

    '57 Chevy BelAir Bike

    I ran into an artist that makes those down in san diego. It was at a car show and he had 5 of them there. A t-bird, bel air, impala, le saber, and a caddy.
  10. MaddMatt

    Board Track Forks

    I really like the second and third ones. Thanks for the close up shot of the third one. That's totally in my abilities.
  11. MaddMatt

    Board Track Forks

    Would someone like to post a how to on boardtrack forks? I've seen a few on here, some home made. I have a motorbike project and I was just going to weld truss rods to it. But if there is a more detailed way of going about it that would be great.
  12. MaddMatt

    ~BBO 4 Idea~

    I'm not too fond of this idea because of the way I view custom cars. I've always seen "Traditional rods" the way it's grown from the 50's. I when I think of traditional I think of shiny paint, flame jobs, nice upholsty, chrome and tons of money dropped into it. When I think Ratrod I think of...
  13. MaddMatt


    It's getting pretty close!!! WOOOO!!!!
  14. MaddMatt

    J C Higgins skiptooth

    That is the coolest book rack I've ever seen.
  15. MaddMatt


    My votes went to those who had a lot of kustom work balanced with overall style. The big fabricators took my votes. Didn't vote for myself. I never can.
  16. MaddMatt

    Where can you buy Thick/Quick brick tires!?!?!

    I picked up a few of them from a shop that was closing here in my town. I need a 26 inch cream quick brick to finish a set and I can't find one anywhere. I even called the felt dealers here in town and they are all roadbike snobs that informed me they only deal with "real" bikes, and wouldn't...
  17. MaddMatt

    So many music posts, addition to the scrapyard?

    With so many threads about music I think there should be a music section under the scrap yard. I think it would fill up quickly and we would all be able to turn to it for good music.
  18. MaddMatt

    5 songs for summer cruisin

    Time bomb - Rancid Over seasons - Authority Zero .....(check it out if you don't know it!!!) Take Warning - Operation Ivy Noise Complaint - Big D and the kids table Science of selling yourself short - Less Than Jake It's so hard to pick only 5!!!! I think a summer playlist must be started.
  19. MaddMatt

    looking for the soap box/gravity car guy?

    That's Maddog's car. This is mine. Since these photos were taken the scrub brakes were replaced with 1/2 inch steel plates. Those wimpy little things came right off.
  20. MaddMatt

    Big D and the Kids Table is one of my favorite bands ever!!!

    Noise Complaint Same music video continued with another song, (shining on) My Girlfriends on drugs One of my...