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  1. southp


    I recently ordered a few sets of grips and a kinda-hard-to-find 26x1 3/8 white wall tire from Bikeworld USA. I was a bit apprehensive about customs and shipping, etc but my stuff arrived lightning fast (about week from NY to Montreal, QC) and everything was perfect. I didn't even get charged...
  2. southp

    Rusty rat up-date

    Looks great! I might go the rusty route for one of my current projects on the go.
  3. southp


    How does that vinyl spray turn out? Will it rub off onto your pants or anything? I want my wife's bike to have a white seat but she'll be pretty pissed if i ruin her clothes! hahaha!
  4. southp

    let their be light

    Number 5 is alive! Number 5 is alive!
  5. southp

    Selling the wrong stolen bike on CG

    Keep up posted on what happens Gerry. As a fellow Montrealer I feel your pain. It's just not worth it to ride your nicer bikes if you're going to lock them up. My wife had her cheapie Canadian tire bike stolen a few summers ago right outside the grocery store. She had it chained and was only...
  6. southp

    How to remove chain links?

    You'll be happy to just have the chain tool. But remember to not push the pin all the way out because you'll never get it back in.
  7. southp

    Murray Badlands MTB

    I love it! Perhaps my favorite DFBO bike so far.
  8. southp

    DFBO lollypop....

    Did you just mask the stripes and spray? I might do the same thing for one of my bikes. p.s. I was looking at the pics and did a double-take when I saw the 'Arret' sign. Always cool to see another Montrealer on here.
  9. southp

    Typhoon Flatbar

    These are the kind of pictures I expected here. This section kind of just turned into the regular Bike Gallery with pictures of bikes in the garage or kitchen or whatever. But these pictures are GREAT!
  10. southp

    new family member gets a make over

    Another killer seat Firewalker! You do amazing work.
  11. southp

    my brothers schwinn cruiser with new crank

    I like it! That's my kind of bike. Right down to the color.
  12. southp

    My Ride

    great photo! great bike!
  13. southp

    1965-1967 Colligate, Not sure what year, 1 OWNER BIKE!!

    I like it. Very classic. I put up a pick of my girlfriends which is similar and it got moved to the "other bikes" section. Maybe it's just not ratty enough?
  14. southp

    The Goose

    Looking good Xddorox! BTW, how long are your handle bars on the Goose? I've got 13" bars on mine and it's a similar style cruiser bike... thinking of going bigger.
  15. southp

    How to keep a Seat from Moving??

    I really appreciate it Hooch. You're right that those are the little things that might not be worth putting up on Ebay. Especially when they make a nice little cut off the auction. This site is great for things like this! No more slipping onto my back tire!
  16. southp

    How to keep a Seat from Moving??

    I posted in the classifieds, because I had no luck finding those clamps anywhere online or ebay, etc.
  17. southp

    The Blue Galaxie

    I like your thinking Markm. I've already got the whitewalls. I'll post pics as it comes together.
  18. southp

    How to keep a Seat from Moving??

    Yeah, yours look pretty bad too. I'm not having any luck finding the wide-rail clamps online. Anyone ever seen these anywhere?
  19. southp

    How to keep a Seat from Moving??

    So you're saying metal epoxy worked... regular epoxy didn't work?