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  1. cropduster


    I got two in running condition, first is an '09 SC Draft... love it, and it weighs in @ about 24lbs, half the weight of my Spaceliner! Just replaced the hybrid straight bar with a much better headset! And i just picked up this converted(?) BSA 10-speed. The guy at the shop said it was early...
  2. cropduster

    OK guys...Lets see some cool bike art

    here are some paintings and CS3 art....
  3. cropduster

    watch this it"s cool... this guy can ride a bike.. enjoy..

    I've watched this a few times now and still can't believe the poetic rhythm to which he rides, so unreal, and with that great song to boot!!!
  4. cropduster

    worth it?

    I have this bike i love to ride until i snapped off a crank arm does it cost a lot to replace a crank? NOTE:this IS just a modified Magna
  5. cropduster

    Afterburn DBA "COSMONAUT", beyond the DIY bike tag

    Cool man, Serj is way cool ya I've know him almost 12 years now! Ya I wanna get a small group together some time for cruising 'n' bar hoppin' or something! Hmmmm..... as far as that fork problem..... ask around on this site and you may find someone whose swapping it out for something different...
  6. cropduster


    Ya i agree.... that thing is just beautiful and I bet is just a blast to whiz around town on that!!!!!!!
  7. cropduster

    My other bike is.... trying to be cool

    Ha I be shot down before i even blinked twice knowing how the police are out here!!!! but dont think I didnt think of that! HA!!!!!!
  8. cropduster

    The Cosmonaut (Afterburner)

    Thanks for all the comments, guys!!!!!!! I had such a great time working on and changing this thing up!
  9. cropduster

    Afterburn DBA "COSMONAUT", beyond the DIY bike tag

    That's cool man! Thanks for the comments i love how this site is an endless source of inspiration foe all of us riderz!!! This bike will probably eventually go back to the black fender version (Ver. 3.0) as soon as i can locate a rear fender that will actually fit this thing, it's pretty narrow...
  10. cropduster

    My other bike is.... trying to be cool

    Thanks for all the comments on my 'Poser' bike, guys! this sight is sooooooo inspiring can't get enough! Thanks for this one I wanted to get this looking like a '30's, '40's English country side ride! i guess it's working to a certain extent.............. YES.......................! (as...
  11. cropduster

    My other bike is.... trying to be cool

    They are cool in Arizona but alas not in LA! I wish it was real but is only a gasser Airsoft! all metal body though!
  12. cropduster

    My other bike is.... trying to be cool

    HA!! i'm also a WWII nut, I also got an an inert 'Potato Masher' stick grenade that is a window brace so..... It always gets interesting reactions when I have people over!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  13. cropduster

    The Cosmonaut (Afterburner)

    Here it is as done as it's gonna get. I had a lot of fun taking it through all the considerations until it materialized like this... just right!
  14. cropduster

    My other bike is.... trying to be cool

    Here are some shots of the headlight I made using the lens, lens housing and reflector from a military flashlight, and mated it up using AB putty to an acrylic champagne glass section, I pressed the AB putty into the threads (lubed with WD-40 )of the flashlight piece so I can just unscrew it to...
  15. cropduster

    Afterburn DBA "COSMONAUT", beyond the DIY bike tag

    Re: Afterburner, the next details beyond the DIY bike tag Here is the finale.... In thee last... steps................... First it was the rear rack bracketed off the lower bar of the seat (because bolting it down to the stays sent it off to an almost 25° lean) I thought it looked cool but it...
  16. cropduster

    Afterburn DBA "COSMONAUT", beyond the DIY bike tag

    Re: Afterburner, the next details, getting a bit ratty!?!? Well, here is a new configuration to my liner........ I found some big Wavecrest 26"x2.25" (electric) bike tires on eBay only using one on the rear. I am gonna find a 1.75" tire for the front somewhere 'cuz the 1.25" looks a little...
  17. cropduster

    My other bike is.... trying to be cool

    Here is a picture of my other bike, it's a Glacier Point/Magna, as purchased minus the surplus headlight! I know... not the most glamorous of bikes but it was on sale @ Target! I bought over ten years ago and has gotten me far but... come on... boring right? After being on the RRB forums a...
  18. cropduster

    82nd Airborne on bike

    Here's some cool ones... and here is a great link !!!!
  19. cropduster

    it's hard to get to the front door these days

    Wow Joey.... that's a killer shot! You may need to add on another room......
  20. cropduster


    My old '66 VW bus used to ALWAYS have some kind of faint smoke coming out the back...... so some of m' friends started calling it that. It's also where I got the name of my "band"/ music project, but i added * to it> *CROPdUST3R!