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  1. dezzie

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Yup the same, cheers Ron.
  2. dezzie

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Oh and currently in hospital with suspected heart attack yesterday, might need open heart surgery as my aortic valve is kaput so fingers crossed i pull through and ride again in the future.
  3. dezzie

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Ordered a selle Royal respiro seat for it, had that same brooks on my old Electra Rallysport, 40 milers with no pain but have brooks on all my bikes and take some wearing in and my coccyx cannot take it so trying something different.
  4. dezzie

    "BRUTE BIKES" Lets make em happen!!!

    Check out stooge bikes in the UK, custom klunker frames and can add whatever set up you want.
  5. dezzie

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Its a Subrosa Mallum ttt 26" but they did the collab with TheHundreds brand so came up with this special edition.
  6. dezzie

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Bars and grips swapped over looks way better, more to come.
  7. dezzie

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Just bought my first bmx cruiser, its Thehundreds Shadow Conspiracy bike, a collab with Subrosa being the chrome version of the Mallum, ordered some taller bars and going to fit a linger seatpost and more comfy seat, tried the brooks off my other bike so might get one in black but a cloud 9 seat...
  8. dezzie

    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    What are peoples thoughts on the Haro Cabbalero? In the UK we are extremely limited for cool bikes to customise and been looking at bmx cruisers, i spotted one on ebay cheaper than rrp as has no pads, i hate the lairy graphics and bland frame colour and something about that 2nd top tube is...
  9. dezzie


    Here is another question, Electra Supermoto 8 speed, similar style to the Haro above but has potential with bigger bmx bars added plus hub gears, i hate derailleur gears on the cruiser bmx's, like the idea of many speeds to ride a bit further so the Electra is ticking boxes for me, as yet not...
  10. dezzie


    Have you seen the Haro Cabbalero? Multi speed retro, looks nice apart from the gaudy graphics but another option to the fast ripper.
  11. dezzie

    Folding bikes

    My xootr swift.
  12. dezzie

    Kingfish254's Finds - Over Ten Years of Kingfish Scores!!

    If you guys are interested i run the Moulton F frame group on Facebook, we have the guys who build them on and the guys who wrote the books, please feel free to join.
  13. dezzie

    Smallest 20" street tire

    Shwalbe marathon, durano, kojak all small 406 tires, loads of options out there as most folding bikes are 406 size.
  14. dezzie

    Half link chain extension.

    I have one for motorbike chains so as long as the pin fits it will be more than sufficient.
  15. dezzie

    Half link chain extension.

    I am restoring a vintage bike with a modern twist, i bought 3 new shimano half link chains a few years ago but they are too short individually so can i extend it by connecting the 2nd chain and using the quick links it has to use both ends once i remove enough links to work out its length, will...
  16. dezzie

    20" fat ebike conversions

    Tater was the only one doing the bikes i liked the rest lacked fat.
  17. dezzie

    20" fat ebike conversions

    Bored with super 73 and its many clones out there, there are kids bikes with the 20x4" fat wheels but was thinking they would look cool converted but with a banana seat and seat stays with tall bars or apes, the market is flooded with crappy clones everywhere with uncomfortable riding ergos and...
  18. dezzie


    I think they are way overpriced plus here in the UK were paying quite a bit more, £625 i paid for my fat lux 7d, and managed to get £275 back after selling it with extras in mint as new condition, but its super basic parts and that feet forward position is useless for hills and bad knees i could...
  19. dezzie

    Cruisers with bull/persuit bars

    Check out the bikes from T.S.P Cycle farm in Italy, they do a fat tire pursuit stile bike with bullhorns, they look fantastic.
  20. dezzie

    Chain advice?

    Seen you can buy Shimano specific pins so will use that one end with the master link at the other, its not for a cruiser bike its for one of my vintage Moulton's i am rebuilding with modern parts, a restomod if you will!