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    Fair Lady to Straight Rat

    :D :D Thanks Scrumblero ... :D
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    Fair Lady to Straight Rat

    Here I took a 20" Schwinn Fair Lady cut it up and added a couple bars some flat black a little red and a touch of chrome ... And turned her into a Rat ...
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    Fiberglass re pop parts Indian fenders and more

    We are currently figuring out time and materials costs to do these again ...but I think around $ 125.00 but that's not for sure I should know by Monday afternoon the exact price . These are very strong ... we first spray each mold with gel coat then glass / mat & resin
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    Fiberglass re pop parts Indian fenders and more

    they can but they would be more expensive ... :) I can get a price on them if there is any interest in them. They would take a week or so to be made .
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    Fiberglass re pop parts Indian fenders and more

    If anyone is interested in some off these fiberglass re pop Indian motorcycle style fenders and tank I can do them I can also do Schwinn Phantom Tanks and chain guards, and some other parts to ... Going thru some old molds right now and I will post some photo's of the other pieces that will be...
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    Bare Necessities "Almost there"

    Re: Bare Necessities Your bike looks like a Raleigh to me, Good frames . When you strip it, it should have nice clean brazing around the lugs and the tubing is Reynolds or in other words "4130 Chromoly " You should be able to identify the model easy by the lugs and serial # if you check out...
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    New members rides

    My 1957 Schwinn Corvette Custom My 1981 kos kruiser My 2008 OM Flyer My 1994 24" Dyno Nitro My 1994 SE Racing PK Ripper My 1998 Power Lite Coqpit These are all my Personal builds and I still own/have all of them ... :D
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    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    This is my 57 Schwinn Corvette This one I built for my daughter This is my 71 Sting Ray This one is my current Schwinn project 20" girls Fair Lady modified/converted into a 20" straight bar