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    1983 Specialized Stumpjumper

    Nice Stumpy. It's the second year. They weren't really commercially available until '82. Yours has some first year parts (Tommeselli levers?). The earliest Stumpjumpers had almost all the exact same spec parts as my 1980 Ritchey, T/A cranks, Mafac canti brakes, Tommeselli levers etc. Sinyard...
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    My newest project, 1981 Mongoose

    That is SWEET. I just built up a '79 for my boy, nickel with 'survivor' red ano parts, but it will never be as nice as yours is going to be.
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    Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-Apua'a KLUNKER project

    Super nice build. Congrats. It totally inspired me to do one for my Summer project. They're great looking bikes, and since they're not 70+ years old, catastrophic mechanical failure (metal fatigue/cancer) isn't as much of a concern as the 'real' deal. I finally got myself a donor bike, but it's...
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    FYI: I don't think that anyone ever applied for a trademark on the word Klunkerz before I did the movie. The term Klunker had been used for the Klunker 5 by Schwinn, applied for in 1978. The guys in Marin, Gary F, Charlie K, et al. had a big conniption fit and fired-off letters to the Schwinn...
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    Here's my repro Klunk. It's based on a Gary Fisher '96 Klunker, but since it came with GripShift, lousy bars, levers, etc. I tried to straighten it out. I can't always ride my '35, but I can beat this one up and not feel guilty.
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    41 Schwinn Excelsior Patina build with Union Drum hubs.

    Beautiful build. I finally scored some crusty old Unions for my '35. Paid too much, but oh well. I'm going to do what you did with the hammered Rustoleum when I'm ready to build the wheels. Any Union drum experts in SoCal?
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    I gotta think this won't sell.....

    I'm gonna watch that auction just to see what happens. Who knows, maybe he'll get it. I don't really think people get into building/riding Klunkerz because they're so functional. Once upon a time that was the only option, but that was 30 years ago. Nowadays these are just functional pieces of...
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    It's actually a pretty good deal. The last Breezer Type II I know of sold for 10K to a collector is Sweden. The original price of those bikes was around $1,500.00, I think. Less than 7X the price over 32 years for a piece of functional art with a HUGE history. The Swedish bike was an extra...
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    41 Schwinn Excelsior Patina build with Union Drum hubs.

    Gary, Joe, Charlie, Alan, Otis, and the rest of the pioneers would be very impressed, I'm sure. What a score on the Unions! I looked forever, but never found anything approaching a reasonable price for a pair, so I went with the S/As. Keep a lock on that thing. Ride on!
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    Kngtmat Find

    Sweet. I love it. The top cap on the Bullmoose bars is dope. Pure industrial. The double rear brake and all seems reminiscent of the work of the Morrow Dirt Club, but Spaceliners weren't ideal for what they were up to. I rode with Russ Mahon one time and he was riding a very similar set-up...
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    Just saw the coolest bike movie...

    Thanks for all the support RatRoders. I just made some new discs. I'll have them up for sale on the klunkerz site tomorrow. Ride on, Billy P.S. It's Klunkerz with a "z"
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    Huffy Bull Cruiser

    For what it's worth, I heard a story about those bars. Tom Ritchey supposedly invented that style of bars sometime in early 1980. He was riding Repack in Marin and had a pair of the old cruiser bars break while riding with the guys. He had just started building the frames and forks for Gary and...
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    The old '33.
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    My '35 (bottom) and old '36 (top).
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    This thread is REALLY cookin' now! Keep those pics coming!
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    Oh yeah, that's Joe's original bike. He won a lot of Repack races on this bike before he built Breezer #1, the world's first purpose built mountain bike with all new parts:).
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    Me and Joe trying to save my chain before Alan fell on the sword and took my bike back to town for repairs. A new chain was required.
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    My '33 Schwinn B-10. The first year of the "26 fat tire bike. I believe this bike this bike still hangs in Peri's Silver Dollar Saloon in Fairfax, CA. We had a rip roaring party and it looked so good hanging there that I just left it. The Sweetheat on that thing was MASSIVE. There was...
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    My '35 (below) and '37 (above). The '37 I traded to Alan for a Bianchi road bike.
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    Obligatory "I'd Rather Be Klunkin'" shirt-shot. I'm aboard Alan Bonds' '37 Schwinn on Repack (my '35 just had a mechanical and Alan kindly walked it down the hill to the shop in town and let me ride his). This was the day before the world premiere of Klunkerz. Along with us on the ride was Alan...