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    What is Going On??? Bike Selling

    Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. Most bike selling/trading/owning/hoarding, is emotionally based. I had a 1988 Jamis Diablo that I bought and rode in the U.K. while stationed there in the 80's. Gave it to a Stepson after a lot of badgering. Claimed it was stolen, not too sure. I would have...
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    First Ride in 50+ years: 2022 Update

    Re: First Ride in 50+ years, he never forgot You Sir, are an Honorable Man.
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    i bought something

    A fixie would be difficult to bring home the groceries, or Case(s) of your favorite beverage!
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    i bought something

    Thats a Cool setup! Walmart? I know Patriot here in Sacto makes sidehacks. Chariots are cool!
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    Beach cruiser in Davis

    The smaller BB I believe is Euro, The larger one being American or Std. My Dyno Enduro 4 frames look identical to yours, except for the larger BB.
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    Happiness is........

    Happiness is spending many futile hours online, trying to I.D. your Prewar Schwinns! First dilemma, Complete C model, straight downtube, straight middle tube, looks like a Mens 38 roadster from a '38 catalog, problem: my first Alfa looks like a "R" instead of a B. Second dilemma, Ratrod bike...
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    Beach cruiser in Davis

    Howdy, is your bottom bracket European or Std? I've got a Dyno Enduro Moto 4, same frame geometry, with Std BB.
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    Loop tail, champion bar, double top tube...who made it

    I work with a guy, who has one of these hanging from the rafters here in Roseville, Ca. Story goes... he and some of his buddies in Oildale, late 70's, ordered them custom and raced them. I've been trying to talk him out of it for the last ten years!
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    S&S Repo BMX Decal Inquiry

    Thanks, will do. Have also seen Newports listed as Rainbows? Not sure what was original on mine, one was stripped to bare metal, the other was chromed with no decals.
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    S&S Repo BMX Decal Inquiry

    Found a SS Works Replica set. Not sure if SS Works became S&S Performance Products, or they were one in the same. Seems like every example of their 26 BMX cruiser has different decals. I'll probably run just a headtube decal anyway. I was told my frames are SS Newports, they are curved like an...
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    S&S Repo BMX Decal Inquiry

    Thanks! I'll look into it.
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    S&S Repo BMX Decal Inquiry

    Just joined this Site, does anyone out there know where one can find Repoduction S&S BMX Decals? I have a couple of frames that deserve to become bikes again. Great Site! lots of info.