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    here is my racer, a streamlined frame painted in black metallic ready for the finish line.
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    Curved Odyssey, Final build

    I started this build on July 15 not knowing if I could finish it. Today, Aug. 01 was picture time, so I made it!........ It starts out with a 1938 s t r e a m l i n e d frame painted to 1936 one year only colour specs. I went into this using only parts I had on hand using only NOS or repro...
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    Curved Odyssey

    That should be July 30, not July 01
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    Curved Odyssey

    Here is an update for this build to late afternoon July 01 ... ly27201102
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    Curved Odyssey

    Here is the frame and fork in prime. Also the seat I will be using as well me fabricating an aluminium base for the "fender" ornament. ... directlink
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    Curved Odyssey

    Actually, this is my third frame. On the second frame pictured below, I discovered a serious rust hole surrounded by many pin holes, near the cross member on the right rear curved stay and thought it was too unsafe to use. I do not have time to have it repaired. I am not selling any of these...
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    Curved Odyssey

    Here is my replacement frame. ... NnUl861kgE
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    Curved Odyssey

    I'm going to take Karfer67's advice and not repaint this frame. Therefore I am not going to use it. I will be using a another frame. I will post pics of it soon.
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    Curved Odyssey

    I'm going to use this frame as my build with under two weeks left. It is going to do all the visual heavy lifting. I don't have time to look to far for the add on parts, so its what ever I find in my parts bin. I will update pictures as the project progresses. Now where's that sand blaster!?...
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    If it involves a GUN, of course it "wins"
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    Hello from Canada

    I have been involved in Vintage bikes since 1992, and focus on the 28" size (pre 60's) and specialize in the s t r e a m l i n e d CCM Flyte of 1936-40 of which I currently own 11.